Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WORD-A-THON Update status

I had a whole post today planned about voice, and how I am NEVER - do you hear me????- NEVER going to do first person point of view again, because it is so hard to do well, and because it requires me to find the voice of someone else and not myself, and I miss my own voice when I'm writing this book, and I am probably going to have to rewrite half the book because I keep slipping into my own language and out of Babs, and I never realized I knew so many big words until suddenly I am not allowed to use them because Babs would never use that kind of language. I had this all planned out all day, but now it is after one in the morning and I am exhausted and I just want to go to bed.

I spent the day at the pool again with my kids, but I took my trusty notebook and pen, and this is what I have discovered:

1. Since computers were invented, my handwriting skills have declined considerably.

2. I cannot write a quarter as fast as I can type.

3. I cannot read what I write.

4. It is a pain to write out everything in longhand, and then type the exact same thing hours later.

Still, I am sticking to it. It is both exhausting and exhilarating.

Todays word count: 2,000 (Can you believe it? EXACTLY 2,000!)

That puts my total at 7,638.

15.3 % done. Which doesn't sound like much, except I am only 7% into the 35 days. Which means I am ahead of my goal! And my daily requirement went down to 1,412 words, which, frankly, is starting to look like a cakewalk.

Okay, maybe not. But still, I'm doing it. In the words of Wild Hogs (a movie you must see if you haven't already): "How does that feel?" "It's feels gooooooood!"

Whoo Hoo!

Okay, now to bed!!


  1. That is AWESOME!!!

    W00T for you!!!!


  2. tanyAwesome!!!! So happy for you! I plan on doing some serious writing today to make up for lost time. Also, I know in the next weeks, once I put my tiny one to bed at 8:00 pm - I have the house to myself with NO distractions. Yeah, I'm gonna kick some serious writing butt.

  3. I think in your first sentence (the one that takes up a whole paragraph) you might have slipped into my voice!

    I think you rock anyways, and I am really looking forward to your book!

  4. Heidi-

    ha ha! That's totally my real voice! If I could write like that and sell, I'd have 50,000 words written by tonight! :)

    Brittany - go kick that writing butt! And make sure to have coffee- strong coffee - in the morning!

    Jen - hope you are feeling better!

  5. Woo hoo! That's great progress.

    I may have gone insane again last night and wrote...another 5k. I'm going to be dead on my feet when these two weeks are over.

  6. I may be dead trying to keep up with you! That's awesome!

  7. Man, you guys rock. 5K - whew.