Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going, Going, Gone

I'm on vacation. The husband took a few days off and we are doing fabulously fun things with the kids, going going all day long, staying up late, talking. I think I remember how to do that.

Even in the middle of word-a-thons, family is still the most important thing.

Writing is hard. Little time, here and there. I'll post the word count when I get around to figuring out how much I'm writing.

Until then, I may be scarce. I'll try to check in with y'all and see how it's going.


  1. Did someone say word a thons??? That's pretty close to dictionary words a day...

  2. Go have a holiday, you've earned it.

    The words will be there waiting when you get back. :)

  3. Pat - it feels like I'm writing a dictionary worth of words! Except I dont' get to use the fun, long fancy ones. And I'm not as smart as Perry. :)

    Jen - holiday???? If I took five days off I'd have to write like 3k words a day to finish the thon, and I'm not you! That would be a major impossibility. I am, however, trying to do at least a thousand, and ignoring the blogging and emailing thing for a while. Sort of.

    There's chocolate at the end of it I hear!

  4. mmmmmmmm