Monday, July 28, 2008

Waiting for Inspiration

I stopped writing in the middle of a sentence tonight. I started it.... it's where I want to be, but then I wasn't sure where it was going to go. And this is important: the end of this sentence decides the direction Babs in going to go in dealing with her own faith.

And I'm not sure where she's going.

So I am off to bed, and I hope the next few chapters will work themselves out while I sleep.

Word count for Sunday: 1,576

My favorite paragraph which I will no doubt have to kill down the line because I like it so much:

"Which one of you is the patient?"
“The one who looks like her arm is a helium balloon,” I say. I get a look for that. “Ashley Babcock.” I think of SAT week 5: acquiesce.

“And what is she here for?”
I point to her bloated arm and neck. “I’m afraid she got in Willy Wonka’s secret stash of gum last night and things went terribly wrong when it came to the cherry pie part.” Ashley giggles, but the nurse gives me a look to kill. Clearly there is no sense of humor in the ER.


  1. Hey Heidi, Sometimes walking (or sleeping) away from the work helps. I keep a journal close at hand to keep notes on any thoughts that come to me before I return to the writing!

  2. Joanne - It's amazing what a little time will do! About fifteen minutes after leaving the computer the rest came to me!

    I keep a notebook in the car with me, but I have been known to write on napkins and the backs of receipts or whatever I can find!

  3. LOL! I adore babs...she is one of my favourite characters, and that is saying a lot.

  4. That is saying a lot! Thanks! She's growing on me, too. She's so plucky and opinionated and outspoken... my life would be a lot more fun if I were a lot more like her!