Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I'm Not Doing

So yesterday I listed the books I've read, which, looking back, are pretty embarrassingly fluffy. I could list the books I have on my shelf to read which I haven't because they require too much mental engagement (Kite Runner, Drowning Ruth, A Million Little Pieces, among others).

Instead, lets look today at what I'm NOT doing, because I'm reading and writing.

I'm not getting laundry folded and put away. I will wash several loads of laundry and leave them in the basket or the dryer until I do more laundry and absolutely need the space. At which time I dump them on my bed, where the necessity to put them away become much greater.

I am not returning phone calls. I am the worst at this. I will keep a message blinking on my machine for a week. I will write the number down and hang it on the fridge. But I don't get around to actually picking up the phone and calling.

I am not scrapbooking. Yeah, I started. I think I am caught up to about the year 2000. I started in the year 1998. It's pathetic.

I am not mending clothes. They can sit at the bottom of that laundry basket until two children have outgrown them, but getting a needle and thread out to sew on a missing button or sew up a seam is apparently beyond my capabilities.

I am not cleaning bathrooms. Unless it becomes a health hazard or my in-laws are coming over. I do the quick swish when necessary, but my scrubbing powers are going to complete waste.

I am not watching TV. Okay, sometimes. Mostly on Friday nights when I try to catch up on the DVR shows and my husband and I try to put away our respective electronics and reconnect to each other by engaging conversations over how TV has gone to pot in the last decade. Otherwise, I'm plugged in to the laptop.

I am not gardening. I do not have a green thumb. I have given up trying to make it green. Or to keep the weeds at bay. We have no garden, the rose bushes are eaten down, the flower beds are wild.

I am not shopping. Two stops a week, if I can spare that. Especially in the summer with three kids in tow. Corralling them through a store? No thanks!

I am not getting dinner to the table on time. Although I am making dinner every night, and lunch, and breakfast, and I do clean dishes, so I'm not a total washup on that front.

I am not going to the gym, training for a triathlon, or riding horses every day. I am, however swimming laps when I go to the pool with my kids, but it's a pretty pathetic kind of swimming.

I am not responding to emails fast enough.

I am not critiquing my writer's group submissions in a timely manner.

I am not going to movies.
Although I have been known to take in the local baseball game on dollar night now and then.

I am not sleeping.... which is what I should be doing right now. The majority of the writing I do these days is after ten at night. Sometimes until three if I am having trouble getting my word count in.

Today's word count: 1,431
The word-a-thon grand total: 17,066
34% complete.

Slow but steady. I feel like the proverbial turtle in the race against the hare. Still, I'm getting there.


  1. Yeah, me too. Except the gardening and sleeping. I have been making it a priority to get to bed, not bring the laptop with me, and stop reading the first time I find myself reading a sentence twice.

    And gardening makes me happy so I have to do it.

    Sadly, I'm not writing enough! Sleep or write? GAh!

  2. Hi Heidi, Just found your blog, like this post! I can relate to a few - not watching tv, not shopping, and def not working on photo albums (rather than scrapbooking!) We need a few more hours each day!

  3. Hi Joanne! Welcome to the blog!

    A few more hours would be a big plus! I'd like to say I'd use them to sleep, or clean bathrooms, or do something otherwise useful. I'd probably just read and write more!

    I need a few more hours.... and a time management course (or maybe just some good ole fashioned discipline!).


  4. Heidi tH: I bet gardening is good for your soul! Not mine, mind you, as I am no good at it and it is 102 degrees out, but you... you seem the zen in the garden kind of person!

    And sleep... man, if I had dreams like yours I might sleep more often too! (see? I bet you didn't think I read that post!)

  5. haha! I think more people read it than commented... probably watched the vid and went, "HUH?"

    I do love to putter in my garden, and I NEED to be outside. It has to be a little at a time though. That's the way I work at just about everything (except the horses), just do a little and come back to it later.

    Zen in the garden? Yeah man. I think I"m going to plant thissss........HERE! Because I felt like it.

    The good news is, I brought the Mac outside and wrote a few more words under the shade tree while the kids goofed off in the back yard!

  6. LOL!

    Me too except for the laundry. I never do it right. So the hubs washes and I iron. It works out perfectly.

    I would love a garden, but at least we have a balcony. I love to sit out there and write (Heidi TH, my mac waves to your mac)