Monday, July 14, 2008

WORD-A-THON Update status

"That which does not kill me makes me stronger."

This is my mantra these days. I had to stay up until one in the morning last night to get in my quota for the day, as well as make up for a sub-par writing day on Saturday. Trying to write 50,000 words in five weeks is a major challenge for me, but tackling this in the summer when my kids are home 24/7, and every weekend is packed with interesting activities was not the smartest thing for me to do.

Not that I am complaining. I am still excited about the possibility of doing something I never considered possible. I love the kick-start this has given my book. I love the focus I'm forced to take, and the discipline of writing. As my husband points out, I am very goal oriented. And I hate failure.

But I'm exhausted. And to top it off Jennifer wrote 6,000 words today. 6,000! If I could highlight that and add twinkly starts around it and put it on a billboard for you I would. 6,000! I keep going back to her blog to make sure I read it right. I can't even begin to think that high. I'm reaching for my Motrin as we speak.

And just as I think this MUST be a typo, that she has found some freakish tweak in the time/space continuum, Jenwriter announces she wrote 5,000. Yeah, I'll wait while you take that in and figure out how to breathe again.

Just kill me now. I'm competitive as the next guy (sometimes more), but I know when I'm beat (and humiliated!).

Still, I promised the numbers, so here they are:

Friday: 1231
Saturday: 403 (Pathetic, I know. Sometimes, though, family has to trump writing. Even during a challenge.)
Sunday: 2,147
Monday: 1,857

For a grand total of 5,638.

There are 31 days left. That's 1,431 words a day to average. Tomorrow may be lower because I am hitting a research snag and will have to stop writing briefly to gather more information about medical testing, but I'm on track. Maybe to a fast death, but I'm on track!


  1. GAh! I just officially emailed the "I'm in" message and I'm already cringing!

    At this time of year though, any motivation is good. I'm not going to hate myself if I don't meet the goal, but I just need to get in gear and get busy!

  2. LOL!!!

    It was a fluke day, sparky, don't take it to heart.

    I really, really want to get this done. Remember it is not a competition it is a CHALLENGE!

    FTK, BIC!!

  3. I'm offically pathetic.
    I better step up my game. I have written 1700 since Saturday. *GASP* I know.

    I better get to it. 31 days left? I need to average 1558 a day to reach 50,00. I can do it. I just have to sit down, and DO it.

    *off to write*

  4. GO GUYS!!!!

    We will remember this when we are all published and feeling good about ourselves..."do you remember the time..."


  5. This is not a contest, this is not a contest, this is not a contest.....

    Really, I think it's AWESOME that you are doing so well, Jen!

    And, I suppose, I am pretty proud I've written this much in so short a time, mostly because it's taken a lot of concerted effort to do it. And because, even though it's hard, I'm beginning to think it's possible to do this, which means I might finish this book by September, which BLOWS!MY!MIND!

    We can do it!

  6. That's great progress. I'm able to get so many words in because I'm past the halfway point. At the beginning of the novel, I have trouble even getting 1,000 words done in one day.

    But once I reach that halfway point, the words start pouring out! :)

    Great progress! You can do it!