Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Review, A Contest, and A Sweet Reward: Digging Myself Out of this Snowmaggedon Funk

The snow is done falling (at least until Monday), the sun has poked it's head out and the sky is brilliant blue. After hours upon hours of backbreaking shoveling, I can actually see the blacktop of my driveway today. And I've gotten some very encouraging comments and emails from some of you out there in the blogophere who understand what it's like to struggle with this journey in being an author.

I'm ready to tackle life again.  Who's with me? 

So in honor of this newfound energy and determination, I've got a few good things today to get things kicked off.

First off: A NEW REVIEW:

Okay, I posted a review yesterday, so this isn't like it's something taking me in a new direction, but what could be better than starting my day with great words about Some Kind of Normal?

Nicole O'Dell is a fellow Christian, a writer of books for teen girls, and an all-around great friend. I had the privilege of reviewing her debut books last summer, and she agreed to  read mine as well. I was nervous, as I always am when sending out my book, but more so because Nicole and I write such different kinds of books. I needn't have been nervous, though, because she wrote a beautiful and glowing review.

Secondly: A CONTEST:

Who doesn't like a contest? Who doesn't like a free book??  (Okay, I actually know people who don't like books that much, but they probably aren't the ones reading this blog, right?).

SO..... It's about time I do a give-away at this blog and offer up a signed copy of Some Kind of Normal. I've been stewing about this for some time but Kristi Faith and I batted some ideas around and I think I'm ready to dive in. Even if you already own a copy (thank you!!!!!!), you can enter and give it to someone you know.

I'll post the rules about the contest next Monday, so be sure to come back. Tell everyone you know to drop by, too.

Yay!! A contest!! Now I feel like a real author!  :)


Snow Ice Cream

Have you ever had it? It was my favorite thing about snow growing up, and so it's a tradition I'm passing down to my own kids.

We have great stories about it. I indoctrinated my California -raised-and-bred husband a year after marriage on a trip to Michigan. A sudden blizzard canceled our flight and we found ourself at a hotel with nothing to do and no where to go, and feet of snow piling up on the railing.

I raced around the hotel scrounging for the ingredients, settling for creamer packets and sugar from the restaurant, a shot of vanilla syrup from the bemused bartender, and an ice bucket. Don't even ask how many times I had to innocently ask the waitress for more creamer packets for my one cup of coffee. I'm sure she thought I was crazy.

But we made it. It was probably the best snow ice cream memory I have.

So here it is, the secret snow ice cream recipe passed down from generation to generation in my family.... just in case you too have piles of snow outside your door and kids whining that they have nothing to do:

Sow Ice Cream:

Milk, Cream, or Condensed Milk

That's it. There aren't any measurements. You just dump until it tastes right. I started off with condensed milk this time around, because that's always what I used growing up, but there wasn't enough so I supplemented with 1% milk until it was wet enough to mix. I used a mixing bowl full of snow and probably dumped 1/2 cup sugar in, and two teaspoons of vanilla. Just mix with a spoon (wooden or silverware works fine) until it's about the consistency of a milk shake.


Okay, I'm feeling better already! I'm off to get something done today, and get that contest ready.  Have a great one!


  1. Maybe the snow nightmare is coming to an end. Glad to hear you're feeling motivated again!

  2. Oh that snow ice cream looks YUMMY and I love condensed milk as it is..oh dear help me! :)

    Have a wonderful, light hearted and fun filled weekend! :0)

  3. You should be able to make lots of that, from what I hear.

    Looking forward to the contest. I already have your book, but a signed one would be awesome.

  4. A contest!! Yay! Are you on Facebook? I remember stuff so much better when I see it on there:))

  5. Have a wonderful, light hearted and fun filled weekend!

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