Monday, February 15, 2010


I've been snowed in for going on eleven days. During the last fourteen days we've had four snow storms – one of which was categorized as a blizzard – that dumped a total of 41 inches on us. More snow is expected tomorrow. My kids have been home eleven days. My husband has been home ten days. The power cord to my laptop spontaneously burst into (tiny) flames and my battery, fully charged, lasts only six minutes. I'm forced to sneak my husband's laptop, however inferior and lacking in my personal files, when he's shoveling snow. I'm down to my last gallon of milk and my last two nerves.

You know what that means...


It's about time, don't you think?

So in honor of the large amount of google alerts I've received this week on "some kind of normal" in relation to the snow storms in D.C., I'm giving away a signed copy of my debut book, Some Kind of Normal, along with some very modest swag - postcards and bookmarks. Clever, eh?

I'm going to run the contest all week - each day a way to earn more points (hopefully really fun and creative), so come back every day, and then one week from today, on Monday, I'll announce the winner. It's entirely possible I'll do it on a vlog if I can steal my husband's computer long enough to figure it out. I'm not sure if a video of me pulling a name from an Austrian hat is incentive to come back or a deterrent.

Today we'll start easy.

1. You get a point just for following me. For a lot of you that's already done! For the others, how much easier could I make it? It's that little button over there on the sidebar. And leave me a comment that you've done it!!!

2. You get a point for posting this link on Twitter or Facebook - two if you do it on both! Let me know in the comment section that you've done that, too.

3. FIVE points for mentioning this on your own blog. As for the comment section... you get the drift, right?

4. And THREE points for finishing this sentence: writing is like snow because... (You can vary it if you're feeling really creative... writing is like a blizzard, writing is like shoveling your driveway, writing is like cabin fever... see? I'm just soooooo flexible here!)

I'm no tech wiz, so I'll be literally writing your name down on a piece of paper for each point you earn. You put this contest on your blog? I'll write your name down five times on five pieces of paper. Unless I can find a better way to do it. I'll give two points to someone who can point me in a better direction. :)

In any case, I need to know!! So make sure you leave a comment and tell me what you've earned so I don't short change you!!

Unfortunately, while the blogosphere knows no bounds, I do. I'm limiting this to my U.S., Canadian and Germany dwelling friends. I just can't afford to send a book to Armenia or Uganda. You'll understand, I hope.

So enter! Comment! And spread the word!! I don't think I could stand it if no one even wanted a FREE copy!  :)  Then come back tomorrow to add to your points with some new wacky point adders!

This is so much more fun than shoveling snow!


  1. Yeah I'm first.

    I'm already a follower +1
    I've tweeted it, facebooked it and mentioned it on my blog. +7

    Writing is like a snow storm because sometimes you can get buried in a lot of fluff. +3

  2. WOW! That's a lot of snow!

    I'm definitely in for the contest! And I'm an official follower. :0)

    Writing is like a snow storm because... well... I've never experienced one. Hmm... the finished result is a lot of good feelings--until the real work begins! :0)

  3. I tweeted it and became a follower (can't believe I wasn't before).

    Writing is like snow because in both cases sometimes it can get pretty deep.

  4. Writing is like snow because if you don't get the thought on paper quick enough it melts away!

    And I will put your link on facebook now! BTW-- I changed my settings there so find me!

  5. Hi Heidi

    I found your blog via Terri Tiffany who posted on Facebook about your contest. (thanks Terri!) Please include me in your contest! I'm not a follower.

  6. Wow, 41 inches, eh? I just did the math and if I were standing in that snow, 68% of me would be completely buried! Ha, ha!

    Thanks for hosting this contest. I do follow you, and here is my snow quote...

    Writing is like snowstorm because it all starts with a single flake. A word. As each flake falls, and sticks to its neighbor, so it goes, on and on until those tiny, unique, magical flakes ultimately form 41-inch blanket of pristine, beautiful, glistening snow. And your novel is complete.

  7. Count me as a follower!

    Writing is like snow because sometimes it comes to you softly, and other times the words hit you like a blizzard.

  8. I'm a follower!

    Writing is like snow because words can blanket a landscape.


  9. I do! I do! I want a free copy! Thanks for the heads-up about your contest. Your book is on my Amazon wish list - winning it would be even better. :-)

    +1 follower
    +2 facebook
    +5 sidebar post and link
    +3 Writing is like snow because it blankets the world with its natural beauty.

    +11 total

  10. Hi! I am a follower and I already posted on Facebook and Twitter!!! I will try to get it posted on my blog too....but I am going out of town for a couple days!

    Writing is like snow because sometimes it melts away as fast as it comes!

    And I have to's probably a bit mean, but all of us Buffalonians are kinda giggling at the fact that the rest of the east coast is getting what we deal with most of the winter!! Hope you dig out soon!!!

  11. Yay! Y'all are awesome! If I'm not commenting as often here it's because my laptop is caput and I have to steal my husband's whenever I can. :)

    I love all these snow comparisons! I think I'll make them their own post next week! :)

  12. Writing is like a blizzard because it comes in great bursts of energy between gentle lulls.

    I am a follower and, of course, commenting. I hope I am the winner. I'd love to read your book.

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  13. Oops! I forgot to say that I had earned 4 points.

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  14. Heidi,

    I´ll play along even though I´m not in your mailing zone. So consider this my official comment...

    Writing is like snow, because sometimes you get a great idea while you´re peeling potatoes and it melts away before you can get to the computer to write it down. I hate when that happens.

  15. Okay Heidi,

    I just posted it on my newsfeed on Facebook.

  16. Blog Follower



  17. I'm a follower
    I'm Tweeting and Facebooking

    I should never have read all the comments, because now I can't think of an original simile!

    Writing is like snow because if you play with it too much, it can get ruined.

  18. Im a follower! :)

    writing is like snow b/ecae when you first start out it is pure and boundless. Then as you get into it, the ice slowly begins to melt away and you feel all warm inside (that's bad isnt it!) :)

  19. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway! I'm a follower.... +1

    And writing is like snowflakes melting on your tongue... you think you have a good idea and it slips away before you can grab it... +3

    I'm jealous though... I wish you could send me some snow here in San Diego!

    Thanks again! :)

    heather y

  20. Writing is like a snow storm because sometimes you can get buried in a lot of fluff

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  21. I'm a follower.

    Writing is like snow because sometimes you get stuck in it.