Friday, February 26, 2010

The Power Cords Are Taking Over

Hard to believe this was two weeks ago. The ground is still covered in snow but something along the lines of six inches rather than 32. I'm okay with that.

Two days ago was the first day since January that all three of my kids were in school all day for a regular school day, so most of my writing has been in my head, thinking, plotting, devising, rewriting. I think a lot was done, but it's so frustrating not to be able to see it on paper.

Today I'm heading out with my oldest daughter to a weekend of all-state choir. While she spends ten hours in rehearsals, I get to settle in with my laptop and try to put words to those snow-days virtual wrangling of this WIP. It's below freezing and winds are topping 60 miles per hour, so I'm hoping to find one of those big leather chairs next to a fire at Panera's, prop my feet up on the hearth, and drink some coffee, breath in the aroma of fresh bread, and write. A little slice of heaven.

Packing has gotten a bit weird though. When did packing involve so many electrical outlets? I had to charge the ipod, the Nook, the cell phone, the camera, the video camera, and the laptop. Trying to keep all those cords straight is driving me crazy, too.  Not just packing, but every day. I love the Nook but I hate having to think about whether or not my book is charged enough to keep me reading for a few hours (it almost always is... it lasts forever!).  I'm just thankful that so far, I don't have a toothbrush that needs charging too.

Happy Friday, and I'll be back next week, with hopefully great progress on the book!


  1. You know, if I have move to a snowy location I think I went to get a black dog. Yours looks so regal and handsome (or pretty?) sitting there in the white snow. I love it!

  2. Don't talk too loudly or it will all go to his head. :)

    Yeah - he makes a great snow photo from the BACK, but try to get his face and all you see is a black blob. :)

    He was great to take pics of though. I must have a million of him in the snow.

  3. I love that picture, too. Maybe one day all those gadgets will be one gadget. I'm jealous of your Panera time. VERY JEALOUS.

  4. Jessie - I suppose if I had an iphone that would consolidate the ipod and the phone, but I like my verizon service too much to give it up.

    Ah yes... Panera time... it will be so worth it if I can just get there.

  5. ha! I just got back from a trip and had the exact same thought. man, how times have changed. have fun on your choir trip!

  6. Love the photo.
    Time at Panera sounds great.
    Have a safe trip.

  7. This is exactly why I hate technology. It's hard enough to remember a regular toothbrush, let alone remember to charge it up first. Funny!! And good luck writing this weekend!

  8. LOL! That is so true! :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  9. I know! So much to charge! It makes me crazy every time I travel!

    Have a great trip!