Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Contest/Give Away Day 3: Some Kind of Awesome!

Some Kind of Awesome was my favorite description of my debut book, Some Kind of Normal. It was so titled by fellow blogger and reviewer, Jessie Oliveros. Kristi, another fellow blogger and reviewer, told me she thought it would make me Some Kind of Profit.

Which led me to realizing how easy it is to turn my title into just about anything relevant to my life!

So here's the extra point possibilities for the book give away contest for today:

Turn my title into something fun and related to your life. You can add up to five for a total of five points.

BONUS: Five extra points if you can turn my title, like Jessie and Kristi did,  into something great about my book. You don't even have to have read it!

I'll start us off:

That was Some Kind of Snowstorm!!  The kids had Some Kind of Snowday off of it. I think I may be going Some Kind of Crazy!

Have at it, and have fun!


  1. Oh you are so funny. I mean...he are Some Kind of Funny. I guess I shouldn't really play since I already own a copy, but I will tell you that you are Some Kind of Smart even if you repeat other comments on my blog.

  2. Some Kind of Beautiful - and that can apply to my life or your book. ;)

  3. This is Some Kind of Contest!

    Today, my life is Some Kind of Tired, because I could not fall asleep last night - must have been Some Kind of Insomnia! Later, I'm off on Some Kind of Road Trip to Helena, MT. and will definitely be stopping for Some Kind of Giant Latte! :-)

  4. I'm some kind of a lousy blog friend because I've been some kind of busy and Twitter is some kind of addictive. Sigh... that's some kind of pathetic, isn't it?

  5. I will tell you that you are Some Kind of Smart even if you repeat other comments on my blog.

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  6. If your book is anything like your blog, then it must be Some Kind of Wonderful.

    I am on my laptop watching my kids take a bath. Some Kind of Productive of me, huh?