Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Love Relationship that's turned Love-Hate


Dear snow... I don't want you to think I'm fickle. I think you're beautiful. It's true that every winter I complain there isn't enough of you. You come only once or twice a year, and you disappear too quickly. I love to sit by the fire and watch you fall outside my window. You are quiet. I don't have enough quiet in my life. You make the ugly brown clean and white. You cover the dying grass and crinkled leaves. The world seems more peaceful for a little while when you are here. You are truly beautiful.


You are so fun, too. We can throw you, roll you, slide down you. We can make angels out of you and catch you on our tongues.


This is just the bottom of the snowman we made with you. How much fun was that??  He was bigger than all of us! We find so much joy in you!

When we flattened our backyard we actually considered making a huge toboggan run just for you. It would have been perfect. We have this very large hill down the back yard that would have made for some high speed racing. Sadly, it leads directly into the trees, and despite the begging of my husband and children, I opted for less trips to the hospital. So now we sled here:


And herein, dear snow, lies the problem. Do you know where this is?


This is my driveway. My 300-foot long (football field length) driveway. With a gigantic hill right in the middle. 

Perfect for sledding, yes. Perfect for getting the cars out? NO!  It's prone to your evil twin, ice, and  I can't tell you how many times I have slipped and slided, spun out my tires, burned rubber, fishtailed the back end of the truck into a tree, missed busses, carried groceries from the street to the house, climbed - literally - on my hands and knees up you. I have shoveled. I have taken a pick ax to your inches-thick frozen base. I have acquired blisters. I have fallen on my butt. I have screamed. I have laughed, but bitterly, because I refused to cry. And sometimes I have cried.

And this year... this year you have decided to take up frequent visiting, so that I think I've only seen the ground five days since the beginning of December. 

Don't get me wrong. I still love you.

But I would love you a whole lot more if you could fall everywhere but on the driveway.



  1. That was cute. I'm a "warm weather" girl. Our family went up to Lake Tahoe this weekend and that was all the snow I'd have to see all year. I had my fill. Give me the ocean and a sunny spot any day.

  2. Oh my gosh, TOO FUNNY! I would die for some snow out here - just one day - but I do get the whole driveway thing. I used to live in Boston, and one morning I didn't know which white lump was my car, so I just left it there and took the bus! Hang in there!

  3. This is the most snow we've had in Frankfurt since I've been here. It seems to snow EVERY DAY! We finally had to buy a scraper for our car.

  4. LOL! Great pictures, Heidi. I can't believe that's your driveway - way to save that for the end! :-)

  5. That is the way I feel today. I have a hill for a driveway, too.
    IT has been snow covered about as long, but this year the snow has been more of a problem then ice. I like your writing and love your pictures.

  6. Oh! I love the snow. Then again, we never get any so I don't have to shovel it off the driveway. So pretty though. :)

  7. Christy - I love the sun and ocean, too. I'm a seasons type of gal. Unfortunately, my season love runs about six weeks shorter than the actual seasons!

    Tam - I'm so fickle, really. I say every year how much I love snow and I want more of it, and when I finally get it... well - it's that darn drive. Otherwise, I'd be fine with it. :)

    Lenore - I've heard of the freakish snow streak there in Germany. But it's cold there, so it might as well snow, right??

    Shannon - I put those pictures of sledding on facebook and everyone kept asking where we went to sled. :) hard to believe it's the driveway!

    Debbie- thank you!! I love flattery!! Please stop by any time! :)

    Anissa - sigh. so pretty. the prettiness is really my undoing. I find myself doing the inside out jammie dance and throwing ice down the toilet before I remember: oh! I'm going to have to shovel the stuff!! It's like cute puppies and cuddly babies... they suck you in with the adorableness so that you almost forget how much work they are!

  8. And this is why I live in California. :) But oh how I wish we could just write a letter and direct the weather. It would make life so much easier. Cute pics.

  9. I've never really loved snow. I think it's somthing I could do without.

    That being said, looks like a fun toboggan hill.

  10. I'm with you! I loved the snow, but for four weeks straight it's getting to be a bit much.

    Lotsa lotsa snow!

    Stay warm, you!