Monday, February 22, 2010


What a fun contest!  It sure cheered up my days, which were mostly overcast and cold!

I considered putting the drawing on video, but that would have involved sneaking my husband's computer again (because my computer is WAY older than built in digital cameras!), and I already had to sneak his Austrian hat (der manhut), and then I passed a mirror and realized it's been three months since my last hair cut, so I opted for the much less fun, less public, and less humiliating pulling the name out of the hat in private.

I did have my son actually pull the piece of paper out so it would be completely unbiased. It seemed anti-climactic since it took so long to put all of your names on those little pieces of paper.

But without further ado....

the winner of my debut book Some Kind of Normal and a handful of bookmarks is....

Corey Schwartz of Thing 1 and Thing 2!!!!


The rest of you... thanks sooooo much for playing along with me!!  It meant so much to me that participated!


  1. Yay to Corey!!!! Thanks for doing this contest. They are always fun to enter!

  2. So jealous, but I'll say congrats anyway.

  3. Congrats Corey. You'll love the book! :)

  4. Great contest, Heidi - I'll be buying it!

    Congrats to Corey! :-)

  5. Congratulations Corey! Can't wait to get a copy of our own!