Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Signing! The Party! The Food! Oh My!

You know what I'm doing right now as I write this? I'm drinking a glass of champagne left over from the signing party on Saturday. It's left over because I drank almost nothing – ate almost nothing – at the party, such a fabulous time I was having!!

Can I back up and say it felt a bit like being a rock star the whole day? Well - a very small rock star...one that no one's heard about. But still, a rock star nonetheless. :)

I won't give the blow by blow, but I will say the day was hugely fun. And successful.

When I arrived at Barnes and Noble, the table was already set up with books and a sign announcing the signing. I was sandwiched between a table with Mo Willems books, which my seven year old thought was totally awesome, and the hardback bestsellers.


A guy with MS came up to talk to me about the book and the similarities with what diabetics face and what people with MS face...and the hopes and futures of both. A genuinely nice guy I loved talking to!

A couple stood off to the side for a while watching me sign books and talk to people, seeming very hesitant to approach. (I promise I don't bite!). When the crowd cleared a little they moved up and the husband kind of pushed her and said, "Go ahead. Just say hi." She was actually nervous about saying hi!! I wanted to tell her, "Seriously? Trust me, I'm more nervous than you!" I loved standing and talking to her for a few minutes.

I was within spitting distance of the Nook display, where I spent 30 minutes watching a salesperson trying to sell a Nook to a guy who clearly was interested but hesitant. I finally couldn't keep my mouth shut and started talking it up to him. He was so fun to talk to, even if he said he didn't care that much for fiction. I think I did get him interested in the development of adult stem cell therapy, and though I wasn't even going for a sell with him, I think he's downloading my book into the Nook I convinced him to buy. (and no, I didn't get a commission for it, although I tried to talk the rep into giving me one).

I sold out.

That was my favorite thing.

Even though the store ordered twice the amount of books as they usually do, I managed to sign and sell them all.

(Look! All but one of the books are gone! And that's the couple nervous to talk to me. I loved them!)

When I left, the check out clerk said, "You did really well!" and the representative invited me to come back another day for another signing, promising he'll order more books next time.

I didn't say anything too stupid, although the pictures might look otherwise, so I count it a raging success.

Then the party afterwards, which I don't have pics of because the house was too crammed with people and I spent so much time talking and chatting that I didn't even have time to drink the glass of champagne in my hand let alone find my camera. But it was fun. Lots and lots of fun.

It was supposed to end at 9:00. The last of the people left at 11:30. You know it's a good party when it goes twice as long as it was supposed to.

I'll be eating strawberries and drinking champagne all week, though. Which isn't a bad thing. Especially when accompanied by chocolate cake.  :)


  1. This is really great Heidi. Book signings can be very hit-or-miss and it looks like yours was a HIT!

  2. That's so awesome. What a great feeling. I can only imagine.

    Does that mean you're going to do another signing?

  3. Yay Heidi. That is so awesome. I'm so excited for you. :)

  4. Oh this was so cool to read about and see the picture! I've heard horror stories of signings and really would have been so afraid! I'm So happy yours went so well and you sold out!!

  5. That is awesome. I'm of the mind that everybody should be able to feel like a rock star, once in a while. Even better that you sold so many books :)

  6. I'm so happy for you! All the books sold. You look like a rock star.

  7. As your friend - I think it would only be proper if I offered to help you with that Champagne.

    I am thrilled for you and all your success!!

    You ARE a Rock Star!

  8. Congratulations on a successful book signing, Heidi! I'm sure it's just one of many more to come.

  9. Thank you all!!

    I'm sure it was a success in large part because this is my hometown and there was a network of people here. I don't know if I could sell nearly as many were I in some random store waiting for random people. Even though I didn't know most of the people who bought books, I had support there, and some people came because they knew someone I knew.

    And Jen - feel free to come on by! :) You may need it after today!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS Heidi! It's amazing that you sold all of your books! Stores are going to want you to have signings all the time!!! Now you just need to come do a signing in Cleveland...

  11. Yay for YOU!!! Bask in the glory lady, you have done something some people only dream about. That's huge!!

  12. Awesome, awesome post, Heidi! I love living vicariously through you. And isn't great how champagne holds its fizz even the day after?! ;o)

    I'm really happy for you; it sounds like it was just the best day. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.