Friday, April 9, 2010

In Which I Stop Writing

I started a new blog. Yeah. Because I need more things I can't keep up with.

This one is for my photography. One photo a day. Very little commentary, if any. You have no idea how hard it is to shut me up on the computer, so this is rare. But I'm trying to let the photos speak for themselves.

The point, for me, is to see if I can stop whining about all the gorgeous photos people who travel widely get to take, and learn to find the beautiful things in the strip-mall laden, traffic-light jammed, concrete suburban world I live in.

Beautiful things, even if you have to use a macro to find them, are my Friday Good Thing.

If you like photos, stop by. Be the first to follow and make me feel not so lonely over there. :)


  1. Oh, I just scrolled through your pictures. GORGEOUS. Have you ever checked out Grey Street Girl's blog? She posts daily pics too and it's always been my moment of zen. Makes me wish I was talented with a camera.

  2. Good luck!! That seems like a pretty easy blog to keep up! I started a second blog a few months ago with a friend- healthy cooking...but unfortunately, it is just too much for me :( Wishing you lots of luck!! Gonna go check it out now!

  3. Your photography is beautiful. So are you.

  4. I am amazed when I see how people can capture such beauty in photographs .. it's not a talent I posses. Will pop over...