Friday, April 23, 2010

It's Friday; It's a Good Thing: Randomness

I didn't want to leave this weekend with such a sad aftertaste on the blog, so I'm going to do a quick round up of random good things this week.

1. Barnes and Nobles has updated the software on the Nook and I can now browse the internet, get email, and play games in addition to reading! It's like an iPad, only not. :)  I think with this new technology it now really is the best eReader out there (apologies to Kindle lovers, but what have you got on us now??).

2. My Dad (along with several other people I know) were traveling overseas last week and got stuck by the volcano. It feels very B.C. and Pompeish, being stuck because a volcano erupted. This is not the good thing. The good thing is that my dad, in typical dad fashion, has turned this into a advertising opportunity for my book. When our local paper called him to find out what his situation over there was, he moaned about how he was missing his daughter's debut book signing. Well he, his picture, and my book made the front page of the newspaper today. It's not like I live in a small area either. This is a huge suburb outside of D.C. So way to go Dad!

3. My photography blog is still going. I've managed to post a pic a day, and inspire a few other people to start taking photographs of ugly suburbia as well. This week I had a theme: the celebration of the book signing. (Yes, I promise this is the last time I'll speak of So if you want to see some "artistic" photos that don't involve books or signings or Barnes and Noble stores, you can head over. Next week's theme is going to be "Looking Up." I'm excited about what I'm going to find!

4. The store I shop at is carrying sugar snap peas again!! YAY!!  Now I have something to munch on while I write!

5. Writing is going really well. And the rewriting, too, since I'm doing a lot of that. I worry, of course, that I won't be able to pull this one off, but little by little I'm getting there. Writing perfectly is really hard and takes a ton of time. Writing not so perfectly is a lot more fun....and then I get to rewrite, which I LOVE!  So it's a win/win.  :)

6. I can tell the book is "the one" because I'm thinking about it all the time now. I feel like I know the characters - like they are friends. And some not friends, because they're not that nice. But I think about them a lot too...dreaming up situations they can ruin. So fun.  I'm not sure why it takes 100 pages for me to get really settled into a book - that seems excessive to me - but that's what it is. Now the fun begins.

7. The sun is shining. The air is warm but not hot. Pollen is abating somewhat. The flowers are out and gorgeous, and the leaves have filled the trees so we can no longer see any neighbors. The puppy alternately chases squirrels and bees, hopping and leaping and running, or lays and naps in spots of sun. Right now he's at my feet in a patch of warm sun looking totally and utterly adorable.

happy weekend all! I hope you find some good things in life today too!


  1. Yay for dads as marketers :)

    Sounds like things are great with you. Have a nice weekend.


  2. Dads are awesome! :)

    Thanks, Paul, and have a great weekend too!

  3. Funny comments about the volcano, yes very B.C and Pompei-ish!! Good news about your book! Authors need all the help we can get-- moms, dads, spouses, anyone who will help with promotion is my best friend!

  4. I wish I enjoyed rewriting more. I spend so much time doing it! Yay for puppies! Mine is growing bigger each day. And more furry. The brush gets a workout, that's for sure. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Hurray! I love it when the writing is going well and you know it's what it should be.

    Have a great, great weekend! :-)