Thursday, July 30, 2009

Publishing Options

An interesting article on the difference between Print On Demand and self-publishing.

Apparently it's even getting harder to self-publish. Standards are going up for every part of the industry. Which can only really be a good thing.

Although, if I hear one more agent say the key to getting published is to write a really good book, I may throw up.


  1. Me too- I've done that part and it wasn't enough!

    I really think it's looking like small press for me. There are some really good ones in Canada.

    I think this is going like the record labels did about ten years ago. If the majors are too panicky to sign anybody, the independents step in to fill the gaps.

    Although I do wish I knew how it will go. Wouldn't that make things easier...?

  2. I totally agree! It takes a lot more than writing a really great book to get published.

  3. I agree. Writing a great book is only part of it. There are lots of people out there who have written good books and not gotten published. It's all very frustrating.