Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finding Peace in the Hard Places

I've been in the midst of some big decisions here. I don't do decisions very well, I've discovered. There are some decisions I make quickly - like if my kids can have cookies an hour before dinner - and others - like do I try to fix my dying computer or do I buy a new one - that are much harder.

And then there are the big ones that feel overwhelmingly big - like what direction do I take my writing in? Which of the two books that I am writing do I want to continue with - which leads to the more important question of who do I want to be as a writer?

And faced with big decisions only I can make, I find retreat in photography. It's like my place of peace.

So I have nothing big to write right now. I'm in the midst of decisions not yet made. Researching and soul searching. And at last I'm at the place I just need to decide which path to go.

So I will give you some of what I have been doing while mulling over those decisions. A bit of peace. And I hope they find you well.


  1. Love that woodpecker photograph. Good luck with the decisions. :)


  2. Amazing shots. I hope they help with the decision making. All I can say is you have nothing to lose to trying a certain path, well except time but we all have that in abundance.

  3. Whichever way, I'll still root for you. :-)

    That woodpecker pic is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful shots Heidi. Just follow your gut when making those big decisions. It is almost never wrong.

  5. I love your photographs, you have a great eye. I have a feeling you have a great instinct for your writing as well!

  6. Gorgeous photos! Maybe you're ever thinking it? Do you really have to choose between the stories? You have your whole life after all-- write them both if you want.
    I have an art pal who is always deciding if she REALLY want o be an artist- because she really wants to do art, but wants a lot of free time to do other stuff, and then she feels lame for not committing.

    Just do it your way, how it works for your life. Go down the path of the least regrets later.

  7. Thanks all for your kind words and encouragement. One big decision is made. Others will follow, I'm sure.

    Sue - you are very wise. Perhaps you were a sage in a former life??