Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dreams I Am Suddenly Allowed To Have

1. Seeing my book in a bookstore

2. Attending a conference where I am actually an author instead of someone hoping to get a foot in the door

3. Taking a photo of me with my book and posting it on my blog

4. Signing a book for someone, especially someone who isn't related!

5. Reading author blogs and thinking, "I'm in the same place as them!"

6. Getting editor notes

7. Having to stay up late because I have a real deadline someone cares about other than me

8. Telling the very gracious parents who volunteered their time and emotional experiences with diagnosis of their children that the book is out, and that if they read it carefully, they'll see themselves in it

9. Looking at all the rejections that came before this as a blessing

10. Knowing that something I have wanted to do all my life, I have done. And looking forward to the next step, and taking it to a new and bigger level; to finding a new a bigger dream. Not different. Just bigger. And suddenly knowing that it can actually happen. It can really happen.


  1. That's an amazing list and they're all within your grasp. I keep looking at the blog title and remembering when you changed it. It wasn't so long ago and look where you are now.

  2. I can add one:

    "Telling my mom and sister that soon they'll be able to read Heidi Willis' book."

    I share a lot of those dreams and it's so good to know that they can come true!!

  3. Enjoy it, you've earned every moment!!!

  4. "Knowing that something I have wanted to do all my life, I have done."

    This is not only a motivation, but perhaps one of the greatest rewards. Congratulations.

  5. I love this post! Woo-hoo!

    I can't wait to buy your book . . .will you sign it for me? :D

  6. Ahhh someday hopefully that'll be me. Thanks for the reminder of what I'm working toward.

  7. Such an exciting time for you. enjoy it!

  8. you all are awesome! It feels like I'm surrounded by people celebrating with me!

  9. Very, very cool!!!!! :-))))))

  10. AAAHH! Heidi-- just poked my head out of kidland. Haven't had time to check blogs in about a week--but wow!!! Great news! So happy for you! man, just a little while ago you were all bummed about what direction to go next and here you are. Really awesome news! :D