Sunday, February 22, 2009

I might actually watch the Oscars if every speech were like this one:

"To tell stories for a living, lucky me!"

Megan Mylan, Acadamy Award winner for Documentary Short


  1. Yes! I loved that! Because at their heart, movies are stories, aren't they?

    And now I'm going to bed!

  2. Can you believe that was the only part of the entire show I watched??

    I'm waiting for your recap. It's much more entertaining! :)

  3. The oscars come up with some wonderful moments. Unfortunately I missed this one totally!

  4. i loved her. That's how i feel everyday writing.

  5. Wow. Very apt. Me likey.

    I'd actually watch them if it were 2.5 hours of straight RPATTZ.

    Yes, I watched it. And yes, he is HAWT.

    I can't believe I just wrote that.