Friday, February 6, 2009

By The Number

The last two weeks have been maddeningly up-ended. Routines shot to heck. Abnormality all around. It seems like I am constantly keeping count of stuff in my head. So here's a few totally useless numbers I've been tossing around:

In the last 12 days:

Lowest temperature: 16 degrees (F)
Highest temperature: 55 degrees (F)
Days schools were closed for weather: 3
Days at least one kid was home throwing up: 4
Loads of laundry washed: 10
Loads of laundry folded and put away: 9
Highest blood sugar: 318
Lowest blood sugar: 37
Sinus infections from hell: 1
Cups of coffee I normally drink in 12 days: 12
Cups of coffee I drank: 2
Number of son's science fair project plants: 40
Number of science fair project plants still alive: 38
Average hours of uninterrupted sleep: 3
Nightmares that someone broke into our house: 1
Books read: 1
Blogs read: too many to count
Words written on new book: 1,500
New queries sent out: 14
Requests for my full manuscript: 1
Emails read and replied to: all of them
Tears: none
Days at the gym: 3
Miles run: 17.85
Hotels in the Caribbean I've researched for our anniversary: 6

I'm off to try and double that word written on new book statistic. Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Love this post! I want to break all of my weeks down into numbers, maybe then it will feel like I'm doing something.

    Or maybe I'll see how little I do. Hmmm...

  2. It was really productive, even if abnormal. Focus on the last one- tropical breezes, yummy drinks and being alone with your husband.

  3. You did a lot. Don't panic. :)

    You are inspiring!

  4. It's pretty important to look at what you DID get done as opposed to what you did not get done.

    Man, it's unreal how a mother's life gets divided up, isn't it...

  5. I read this to my daughter-in-law who really responded--especially to the sinus infection from hell.

    I remember teaching in a first grade when a flu bug was making the rounds. The kids were seated at tables for four. Each day someone at a different table threw up. It was always a table next to a table where a kid threw up the day before. Somehow I escaped getting the flu. Not a single kid escaped.