Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Memorable Things My Husband Said Today To Me

1. Thanks to you I could talk intelligently about the Super Bowl today.

2. Remember there's always someone out there who doesn't understand quality.

3. I've never known you to back down from a good fight, so stay the course as long as it's the right course to take.

4. ain't no dead horses here! (channeling those Texas roots...)

5. I love you. (okay, he says this every day, but it's always worth noting that he says it!)

So hon, that first dedication is for you! Whenever it comes around. You are the one who gets me through each day! And I'm glad to fill you in on those football highlights you couldn't care less about.


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  2. oops hit wrong button.

    I said he is gonna kill you for blowing his football cover :)

  3. I think that's a wonderful first dedication. What would we do without their support? Unimaginable.

  4. I had to explain the superbowl to my husband, but he's German.

  5. I don't want to give the impression he's football incompetent. Incredibly, cars and sports he can talk impressively about without ever watching a game or reading a catalog. I think it's a man gene.

    I did watch the whole super bowl though, and he could have cared less about it, so he just let me fill him in and rewind the Tivo to the great plays.

    He's awesome, though, in every way. Mindblowingly supportive!