Saturday, December 27, 2008

Y2K came today - just 9 years too late

I know, I know.... the blog is freaking out. For some reason the template I use has imploded. Interestingly, it has happened to a whole bunch of blogs that use this template.

I'd flip it to one of the blogger templates until I fix it, but then I'd lose all my links.

I'm too tired tonight to figure out what happened. I'm going to do what I do best with technology that isn't working: turn it off and hope tomorrow it magically fixes itself.

*** UPDATE***

The turning it off thing didn't work. After extensive Googling and some interesting page translations, I have found the fix to the HTML. Apparently too many gringos were using this Brazilian template (their words, not mine) and it crashed the site. So it's fixed. Sort of. Now I have to spend the rest of the evening translating everything on the template back into English and adding back into it all the HTML and links I lost. Sigh. At least I got it back. And my seven years of Spanish are coming in handy.


  1. Seven years of Spanish? I did two semesters and I barely remember anything.

  2. ha! Turns out knowing Spanish is only minorly helpful in the translation of Portuguese! Languages are not at all my thing. I can't speak it at all... but I'm not too bad at reading it.

    have you seen the you tube song of One Semester of Spanish Love Song? It's hilarious!!