Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Friday; It's a Good Thing

While this day didn't start out in any fantastic way, it has come around quite nicely. So in the spirit of all things Martha Stewart, here's my Friday list of things that are very good.

1. My new very good friend in the blogosphere, author Kimberly Derting, has tagged me for an I Heart Your Blog award. WOW! My very first award. (I say, dabbing the corners of my eyes with a tissue). Here is what she had to say about me on her blog:

Heidi Willis at Ocean Deep is a newbie for me. I’ve just started reading her blog, and I have to say, so far I love it! She has great information for those writers still trying to snag an agent’s attention, complete with articles and links. Plus, she totally taught me what a pellet stove was. Hurrah!

She also said I am funny and insightful.

I'll say it again: WOW! That pellet stove problem is really paying off for me! Not four hundred bucks worth, but hey - you can't buy an award like this! I love Kimberly's blog as well, and if you haven't gone there, you should, because she makes me laugh so hard I get cheek cramps. And she is publishing what sounds like a totally amazing book called The Body Finders. I've already got my 2009 calendar marked for the coming out date!

It's a pay-it-forward award, so I'll be posting my nominations next week. I know you'll be on pins and needles!

2. Well, you'd think nothing could compete with that kind of award, but I've got one that comes close. My Christmas cards are in the mail! Yes, stamped, signed, stuffed and all! Woo Hoo! Egg nog for all my friends!

3. Bun Warmers. Seriously. A VERY good thing. So good, my buns only want to live in the car. I keep thinking, Is there somewhere I need to drive today? I must have some errands to run! This is only my second winter owning a car with such a luxury, and now I can't imagine owning any other car. My buns are in heaven! Aaaaaahhhhhhh...... Can we get this kind of technology put into couches? Because with bun warmers in the couch and a laptop on my lap... well, who would need a pellet stove??

4. Christmas break. Now, I know some mothers are not at all excited about having kids home from school for two weeks, but well, I kinda like my kids. They are very cool. And they like baking cookies with me. And playing Wii. And watching Christmas movies. And making the grandparents art projects. And in general, they are just cool. And besides, it means that for two weeks (Christmas day excluded) I get to sleep in. Hooray for sleeping in!

5. We had company last weekend - company so enthralling and awesome and fun that I completely MISSED that last weekend was Survivor finale. SO: I have FOUR hours of Survivor on my DVR!! FOUR!! And I have no idea who won, which is absolutely fantabulous! So tonight I am cranking up that pellet stove, settling in with a glass of wine (or two) and completely and utterly relaxing. I KNOW! It's only six days to Christmas and I am going to relax!

Happy weekend to all, and to all a good night!


  1. I never get around to sending christmas cards, but I will probably be helping my father send out his this weekend. That's a lot of envelope licking!

  2. lenore - you know, I thought around envelope 30 that I should get a sponge, but I was too lazy to get up! I kept thinking of the Seinfeld episode where George's fiance dies of envelope glue poisoning though! :)

  3. Perfect!

    I never get the cards out on time. Bah.

    But yeah, the Jetta has the seat heat. It makes driving worthwhile.

    KImberley's blog is awesone and you totally deserve the award!

  4. WOW.

    This is a great list!

    That pellet stove has some magic to it, I think? Think you could include it in a query letter? ;) LOL!

  5. jen - hmmmmm... perhaps I should write a story around a pellet stove? oh, the possibilities...

    heidi - it's coming around...