Monday, December 15, 2008

Who's In Charge of This Stuff?

I looked up at the clock suddenly and it is after one. In the afternoon. And I am still in my sweats with no make-up and a ponytail and an empty stomach. Is it possible there was a time-warp while I was checking emails?

How does the time suddenly disappear like that?

I think the problem lies when my universe gets out of whack. My small, orderly, routine universe. Upended by something as simple as, say, my husband driving my car today instead of his. My car. Which has my head phones in it. The ones I use at the gym. The gym I go to every morning.

There was truly a sense of panic and the world dropping out from under me when I opened the door and realized what had gone down. Kids crashing through the garage, yippee-ing about getting to drive to school in the monster truck that is my husband's usual ride and the bane of my existence. The big, huge, honking four-wheel extended bed quad cab truck that can't make the necessary turn in the drop-off lane at the elementary school. The one that does not have my headphones.

Any normal person would flex with this... pick up the shattered pieces and move on. I, however, found myself in a dilemma. My entire day was planned, starting with the gym. But I can't work out without headphones, can I? Who can do the cardio machine for an hour without some kind of music or TV station blaring in their ears?

So while I was making the 25-point turn in the drop-off lane, I made the decision to go back home and get some stuff done. I'll utilize the day. Get caught up on my crit group and emails and blogs that I've let go the week when I was going crazy. I'd bake some Christmas cookies that I'm behind on. I'll finish Christmas cards and our letter. I'll rewrite that query and first chapter. I'll wrap presents. I'll shower and get dressed and make soup.

Which all begs the question, in hindsight, exactly how much time did I think I was spending at the gym???

Still, you would have thought I could get something done. My first, and biggest mistake, was starting with the computer stuff. A few emails. Catch up on those blogs (man y'all have been chatty the last week!!). Yeah... that and.... and....

Well, that's it. That's all I've done. And four hours have past. FOUR HOURS!

I'm telling you.... I'm in the middle of some sci-fi book and there has been a time warp!

So if you are writing this book that stars me as your main character, could you at least make me come out of the time warp on the other side showered and clean? I'd really like that. Thanks.


  1. Some days the only reason I get dressed and brush my teeth is b/c I know there's an Amazon package on its way to be delivered.

    But it's the end of a long year, so we can indulge in hedonistic online time, right?

  2. I think it's exactly because it's the end of the year! And the fact that I am still waffling on the writing thing. If I were in the middle of a good book I couldn't tear myself away from writing, but now...

    I'm just finding it hard to be motivated. Gotta get a good idea... one I really, really love.

  3. I know - sometimes that happens to me too.

    I'm at work and well, should be working, but it's dead around here. No phone calls. No deliveries. Nothing.

    So I've been catching up on emails, blogs - that takes a lot of work! Especially after a week!

  4. I'm so glad it's not just me!

    Sometimes I feel like I need to be medicated. I'll tell myself that I'm just going to check my email. And then there's a link, and then another, and's like I've seen something shiny and distracting.

  5. Hey man, I have zero concept of time. I think it's because I have Undiagnosed Attention Deficit Oh Shiny!

    (Learn to love the truck, Heidi. Eventually you can slim those 25 point turns into ten point turns. Embrace the biggishness!)