Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When Will It End? (And by that, I mean, the economic problems, NOT the publishing industry... although maybe that too...)

More bad news from the world of publishing.

Really, guys, it's hard to stay positive when you keep posting stuff like this. I'd like to keep my head warmly in the sand. Stop coming along with your sand toys and shoveling me out.


  1. I know. AT&T just cut 12,000 jobs. *Sigh*

  2. I can't get upset about it. I just can't- I refuse.

    I keep telling myself the music biz has been going sideways for a decade or so and despite that we haven't been kicked out of our house yet. Also I grew up on a farm right when farmers were all losing everything.

    I am well equipped to deal with financial instability.

    The doctor gives me pills for it.

    Ha. ha.

    Seriously, movies and books, music, entertainment, has done well in times of upheaval. That's been the model for the last century.

    Gotta keep the chins up, even though it's hard. 800 jobs in my town just evaporated. It's scary but I gotta be strong.

  3. It breaks my heart when I think of Christmas and all the children who, nevermind not getting presents, may be homeless or see their parents shattered. I'd like to give the whole world a hug- if only my arms were long enough.