Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That was one expensive piece of coal...

So I've been asked the question: What is a pellet stove? So here it is, in all it's working glory.

Kinda looks like a fireplace, eh? Only with more expensive parts. That stop working erratically.


  1. Beautiful home.

    And I think I get it now too - so there is a fan thing that blows the heat out? What about the rest of the house?

  2. thank you, brit! yes, there is a fan right above the fire part that blows out the heat.

    as for the rest of the house, we have three floors. The basement has it's own pellet stove (oh yeah... smarty us, eh?). This one is on the main floor. heat rises, which pretty much takes care of the top floor.

    And we have a furnace. which we use sort of. electricity is so expensive here, we try not to run it a lot.

    So now I am cozy toasty warm. And off to bake cookies. mmmmmm!

  3. It looks so lovely!

    I would love to have a fireplace over here.

    Enjoy it some for me!