Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm watching Eli Stone tonight. I love this show, if for nothing else for the uniqueness of the premise: a lawyer that has visions - from God, or an aneurysm; it's unclear which. There are some stories I so wish I'd thought up: this is one of them. It is the fresh and completely undone take on what thousands of shows and books and movies have tried to do before: Taking on the underdog. Doing what is morally right, despite the fact that no one else understands.

I don't have visions. But I do have stories circling through my brain. Voices whispering. Characters finding their feet. There is a burden of baggage that is not my own. Like the feeling every time I begin a new book, it's like standing on the edge of a cliff about to jump. I'm beginning to feel the excitement that every new story brings with it. The hint of something great. Of something maybe bigger than me.

I feel sorry for people who are not writers, who do not hear the voices and feel the weight of a story that needs to be written down and shared. I was worried for a while I wouldn't hear it again. It was drowned by the hundred queries and agent bios for a short time, but as soon as I let go of that, they came back. Whispers. People. Stories.

The show ended with a line I think everyone want to hear someone say to them. So I'm saying it to you, whatever it is you do. Listen to the voice. Hear the calling on your life. Go after it.

"You're going to take long strides on the face of the earth, and with every step, you're going to change the world."

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