Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finding Treasures in the Strangest Places

We practically skipped fall here. One day we are wearing short sleeves and capris, and the next we are pulling out turtlenecks and ear muffs. Craziness, really.

So the kids' rooms suddenly look like their closets threw up piles and piles of clothes as we pull out the winter ones and try to find boxes for the summer ones. Goodbye shorts. Goodbye sundresses. Hello sweaters and sweatshirts.

This morning, as I piled the kids in the car in thirty-degree weather, I frantically shoved my way through the hall closet praying there were winter coats heavier than a hoodie that could keep my precious ones from freezing their tootsties off on the way to school. The fun thing about this?

All the way to school the kids were searching through the pockets finding treasures that had been packed away for months. The lost spiderman glove. The joker's ski hat tucked in the sleeve. Candy from Valentines. Pennies picked up off the sidewalk for good luck. Loads of Kleenex, some of which were actually clean.

Is there any better way to start a morning than finding things you didn't even remember you'd lost? It almost made up for the frost on the windows in October.



  1. finding twenty bucks in a winter coat pocket is the BEST!

  2. doh, I was going to say find a $50 was the best, but then I realized I haven't had a $50 in my hand since...wait, I don't think I ever have. :-)

    The trees are in full color here..and is incredible. I'm still riding my cycle...with the 32F mornings...its a a real wake-up. I want to ride till Thanksgiving, but we'll see how long I hold out.

    So, if I were you, I'd ask the dust-bunnies how they liked the book, then start writing again!

  3. Well, the two of you are much richer, or at least ambitious than me! $5 is the most ever, but this year it's been all pennies and nickels.

    Shawn, that's awesome that you are still riding! Todd is still running outside, but I think when the ice starts forming on his hair he'll move back into the gym!

    Which brings back all sorts of memories at Penn State: What was I thinking taking a swim class in the dead of winter? By the time I trucked from the Natatorium over to Sparks building with wet hair. I spent all of astronomy pulling ringlets of icicles from my hair! Ah, good times!

    The dust bunnies say the book stinks, but the plot is salvageable. I'm going to try it for a week and see what happens. I heard a great sermon today that was incredibly applicable. I may blog on it later. I feel like God is speaking. In whispers, maybe, but speaking none the less!