Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Change Is in the Air

Do you see something different?

It's those restless genes of mine... This is the cyber version of moving furniture around!

The funny thing is that I hate it when other people change their blogs... at least at first. I know y'all through your blogs. It's your internet face. It's who you are. So when you go changing, it makes it seem like you aren't the same anymore. Like a friend who comes back from vacation with a nose job and drastically different color hair.

And yet here I am, doing it. A complete face-lift.

I'm not really shaking off the old. It's more like I'm trying to find a face that's more me.

Stick with me as I tweak here and there and find my comfortable place. I may look different, but it's still me!


  1. I like it. The gradation of color at the top is just like an ocean. Change is good, really, I hope, so I tell myself.

  2. Yeah - I saw this yesterday. I really like it!! Very pretty.