Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Friday; It's a Good Thing

It's Friday again. How did that happen so fast? One of my daughters caught the flu this week and for four days I've been a recluse tied to my own home. You'd think with that kind of couch-time, I'd have made huge progress on writing.... or on something. Anything, really.

But not so much, as it turns out.

And because I was pretty much a captive in my own basement, I don't even have anything interesting to report unless you'd like the milk and bread supply update (running very low) or a follow-up on the goldfish (still alive! two weeks!).

In fact, the highlight of the week was the fact that the weather suddenly turned from balmy fall to mid-winter overnight, and I got to use the bun-warmers in the car. Of course, the only time I was in the car was driving my other two kids to the bus-stop, which isn't far enough away to even get the bun warmers warm, but still... it's the idea of it.

But home-bound or not, it's still Friday, and it's time to reflect on what is good.

1. I updated my website to include a form for people to request to be notified when my book becomes available, and I've already gotten more than a handful of responses! And they weren't even family! In fact, some of them I don't even know!  So cool!

2. I'm thankful I'm not sick. In fact, so far I'm pretty healthy. Which is something considering how many flu germs must be floating in the air around me. (I admit I feel a bit like the goldfish in this manner... I'll hold out full-on cheering until another week has past and I'm still well)

3. Sweatshirts. I know it must seem like I'm reaching here, but it's sweatshirt weather, and the minute I slipped it on this week I thought, "Is there anything more comfortable than this??" The answer, of course, is no.

4. Ross the Intern on Jay Leno. If you live out of the country, my apologies on the cultural references, as well as my deepest regrets on your loss. Ross is hilarious...and never fails to make me laugh, and just feel happy.

5. Bloggers. Y'all are awesome. Yesterday Kristi asked if she could pass on my trailer on facebook or her blog, and then Kimberly went and posted it on hers!! Way to spread the word, guys!!   If any of the rest of you want to help and post the link to the trailer (or my website) on your facebook or Twitter or MySpace (or whatever social network you use), that would be fantastic!  This is the link to copy and paste:

6. On the note of awesome bloggers, several of you have given me awards lately and I've been terrible at paying it forward. Thank you, especially Shelli and Brit... I have a post to pass the awards on set for Monday.

7. My son chose to play percussion in band this year. I actually like listening to him practice. It brings back great memories of high school football games.

8. I've been wrestling for a long time now with how to get several blurbs for my books before the book comes out without having the book to send to the authors in question. (NorLights doesn't do ARCs... they do galleys but the process is pretty fast - too fast to forward it to authors and wait around for them to read it and decide if they want to praise it or not).  I don't want to send a .doc of the book - that seems terribly unprofessional!  In talking it over with someone yesterday (thanks mom!!) I realized the perfect solution!  Yay! Now I can get at that!

9. Jen is having a baby. It's so exciting! Even for me just to experience second-hand. I can't wait to pick out clothes for the baby, and see pics and get to hear every detail! If you get a chance and you haven't already, go say congrats to her. And read her baby posts on Thursdays. They're awesome!

So help me out. Tell me one great thing from this week. And then go have a great weekend!


  1. I'm grateful for chinooks, because now all the snow we got this week will be gone by Sunday. I'm also excited for my boys basketball games, which starts this weekend.

    I love sweatshirts as well, give me a good hoody and I'm quite happy.

    Have a good weekend. Hope your daughter starts to feel better. I know how she feels.

  2. I'm grateful for my blog-I'm learning so much....I'm grateful for sweatshirts too!

    Best thing, this week-my blog supporters jumped to 26! I never expected it....

    Have a great weekend-hope you stay healthy :-)

  3. I too love Ross... OMG-- so hilarious, and weirdly vulnerable so you just have to root for him. Humor totally saves my sanity!

  4. Today I'm grateful for carpet cleaning companies. The poop, pee, and other unmentionables will be removed from my carpets this afternoon and I won't fear sitting on them as I have since the last cleaning six months ago. (they probably won't stay perfect for more than a day or two, but I'll take it).

  5. I'm grateful for a friend who "nagged" me into buying her old bike. I'd forgotten the joy of riding outdoors (even if I'm limiting to my neighborhood for starters).

    And right now I'm grateful for the sun that's burned away the morning mist.

    Enjoy your weekend, Heidi.

  6. This week I committed to participating in NaNoWriMo next month. I made my profile over there, added information and outed myself on my blog.

    Badge and post making myself accountable. For as much angst I felt for putting my dream out there, I have to say I'm getting fired up. I also find it very interesting and helpful reading your blog and hearing about the process of going from blogging to published author.

    I hope I can come back some day to compare notes if (when?) my book is published.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. My paragraph wasn't picked for Nathan's contest. *sniff*

    Still, I'm just thankful to be alive.

    Also, I'm happy about all the comments I'm getting on my blog.

  8. i used to love writing these posts because they made me focus on the good things in my life.

    Now I love them because you all chime in with other great things! You all make me laugh! Thanks!