Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Under Construction

Blog name has changed from Ocean Deep to Some Mad Hope. Explanations to follow.

Template subject to change. I'm trying them out to find out what looks good. Except I have kids on spring break. So I'll be trying them out sporadically.

I'll try to settle on something new and permanent soon.

Thanks for your patience!


  1. I like this template!

    It reminds me of.....chocolate.

    I'm looking forward to the explanation for the rename. Although I think I know. And maybe I should rename mine that too.

    Maybe "Snowball's chance in Hell" is a better name for mine, even.


  2. It keeps changing! I swear - if you hit reload every three minutes you'd find something different! If only I had a stretch of time to work on it!!

    Eventually something will hit me as being right!