Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Problem With Making Edible Art...

is that eventually someone is going to want to eat it.

You'd think after ten years of dying Easter eggs, this family would get that. And yet every time I go to the fridge to get an egg to eat, there are three little voices calling out: Don't get one of mine!

And when I point out that this is a statistical impossibility (after all, it wasn't like I was sitting around making pretty food... I was too busy trying to keep all that paint off the clothes, the counter, the floors, etc), they then all yell, "At least don't eat my special one!"


When I was a kid I got the bright idea of hollowing them out so you could keep them. I'd stick a pin in one end and create a small hole, then do the same with the other, and blow. And blow and blow until that fat, thick yellow yolk finally came blasting through. I remember my cheeks burning, my lips numb, and my head screaming with raging migraines.

My kids aren't quite old enough to do that themselves, and well - I'm just not that loving and nurturing I guess. And I like hard boiled eggs. It's about the only time of year we have them in the house.

Only a few more days, I tell them, picking off the ugly ones first. As of Saturday, even the best ones are going to have to go.

And the next art? It's going to be the kind we can hang on the refrigerator instead of having to keep it in it!


  1. I'm so un-nurturing, I haven't even done the dying of easter eggs. Shame.

    I think I couldn't face the protests you just described. well, that and the prep, and the clean up, and the rarely being at our own house for easter, and uh,,, I'm just a lazy mother.

    but I have some of their artwork framed on the wall - does that count???

  2. oooh! framed??? that definitely counts!

  3. Ohmygosh, this is the *exact* same thing going on at our house! This year it's been a little easier because we did "the hunt" with the cousins so everyone ended up with everyone else's eggs. So we've been picking off the ones she didn't decorate first. But, still, hers are coming...and soon!

  4. Kimberly - what a smart idea! Of course, our cousins are six states away and we hunted plastic eggs (they smell a lot less if you forget where you've hidden them), but perhaps we should decorate and then organize an exchange with friends??

  5. I think you should commend yourself for dying the eggs in the first place. My daughter asks me every year and every year I put her off. Next year.

  6. I'm with the others. Dying is a lot of hard work. (I always did it the same way as you when I was a kid)