Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scenes from All We Are

Cliff Diving at Maui 2
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There will be cliff diving. How cool is that??

I'm sure it will end up being a metaphor for Amery and Riley - not necessarily together but for each individually. There is a certain amount of leaping each is going to be required to do.

This is where I wish I could actually go out and do live research. Sadly, not too much cliff diving around Virginia.

This book is making me very nostalgic for CA!

I wrote a critique partner last night that I had another breakthrough. It feels like every few days there's another breakthrough, and I think it's because this time around, I have only the faintest outline of the book, and the details - sometimes big ones - come to me as I write.

It's a good lesson for me. MOCKINGBIRD came fully developed before I put a word on paper. The characters grew and deepened, for sure, but mostly, I knew the book before I wrote it.

I was waiting around for that to happen this time as well, but it didn't. And finally I said, I can either wait around, or just write and see what happens. What happens may be crap and I may end up throwing it out, but at least I'm writing, and developing my skills. Turns out, something may come of it after all.

It's like standing at the top of that cliff and deciding, What the heck. I think I'll jump.

It may not be the smartest thing, but at least it's an adventure!

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