Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snowed In

Last week the sun was out. The birds were singing. My crocuses and daffodils were poking their brave little heads out of the earth and looking around. It felt like spring. I started daydreaming about short-sleeved shirts and counting the weekends until the pool opens (eleven). Despite the fact that it was barely finishing February, winter had been fickle this year, and as it seemed done with me, I was glad to shake the dust off and move forward.

Then this morning I woke up and BAM! This is what I saw out the window.

Snow day for everyone!

No running today. No writing, either. But lots of coffee and some serious shoveling of our 300 foot driveway. And some sledding and a few random snowballs. But mostly coffee and shoveling.

I realize fully that our wimpy six inches is nothing for many people. Someone in Michigan reminded me that they've gotten over 100 inches so far this year. Us? Well... about eleven with this snowfall. So I want to tell her, yeah - but did you get half of that all at once???

Seriously, we don't have the right equipment to deal with the snow... we have tons of back roads and non paved roads, and there is always inevitably a half inch of ice under all that snow that can't be merely plowed to the side.

So all you people who want to joke about how backwards and soft we are to cancel school and offices and governments for six inches of snow (with ice!), you can keep your tough-it-out, never-close-down culture. We'll take our enthusiastic snow days. With some really hot coffee on the side.


  1. LOLOL!!

    Erm, okey dokey! That looks beautiful, btw. If you have an SUV you don't even need to shovel, right?


  2. You just said it- if you don't have the equipment to deal with it, snow shuts you down! Up here we've got snowplows, I mean big honkin 5-ton trucks with plows the size of volkswagens. In my subdivision, every three houses there's a dude with a snowblower. My dad spends an hour on his tractor every morning clearing out the yard so my mom can get to work and he can get anything else done.

    Everything's relative, right? If we had to shut down for 6 inches of snow, we'd all just have to hibernate. Which sounds really like an awesome idea.

    Here's what really bites: we've had several storms this winter. Got at least 6 inches of snow at once, many times. On top of the last batch. Not one snow day. NOT ONE. All the snow fall came on weekends or overnight. My kids feel totally ripped off!

  3. Guess my 47 degrees isn't looking so bad right now...LOL..Nice pics!

  4. Jen - if there's ice, the SUV doesn'thelp much but yeah - Todd's got a huge truck that can make it in and out of our drive, which is why I usually end up shoveling. I look at it and know if I don't, I'm going to be pushing the stupid van up it!

    Heidi - it is all about equipment. This area can't afford to keep the kind of trucks and supplies it need to clear roads quickly if we only need them a few times a year. It is nice getting days off here and there, but the kids are off again today and I am now at the point of saying, "enough already!"

    Bob- it's all relative. If I lived in FL I'd be complaining about the 47 degrees too! The photos came out terribly here... I may try to upload them again.

  5. I'm thinking you must have this long, winding road that comes into your property, right? It is amazing, how if you don't get this kind of weather often enough, you don't have the equipment.

    I remember in La Crosse, Wisconsin once years ago they had 17 inches at one time and the paper the next morning said "We've Had It!"

    Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. You really know how to capture a moment.