Thursday, March 19, 2009

Write or Die


Sometimes people wait around for a muse. Some people need more harsh treatment. Like screeching violins or blinking red lights. Or a deadline.

It's not that I haven't been writing. But I am just so distractable. Starting a new book is hard. It's hard to find that good pacing, to get lost in it. Starting a new book is exhausting, creative, creating work. And focus is not always my strong suit.

There's email to check - or email that keeps popping up on my screen. There are photos to upload and Twitter to check and blogs clamoring for attention. There is a house to clean and music to listen to and exercise to do and kids to pick up and spiders to squish and dishes to wash and laundry to be folded and food... to make and to eat.

There is just a whole heap of interesting world out there calling for me.

Yeah, focus isn't always my strong suit.

But I finally tried Dr. Wicked's Write or Die. I knew of it... I just didn't think it was for me. I'm not particularly motivated by negative stimuli. But, frustrated at my slow, plodding pace in this new book, I finally tried it.

And what do you know??? It worked!!

In less than an hour, in three sessions of 20 minutes each, I added 1800 words to my WIP. That's the most I've written since I put MOCKINGBIRD to rest.

So I now have enough I can call this officially a begun project.

I'll be putting my progress on the side bar as soon as I get the time to add it.

I feel like I'm finally on my way.


  1. Woo-Hoo! I'm now a firm believer. I got 600 or so words in a little under 10 minutes . . this thing works for me! So glad y'all talked about it.

  2. I've gotta check this out (right after I'm done with these revisions!)

    Thanks for the heads-up! :)


    It WORKED! Awesome!!!!!

  4. Kimberly - what I like about it is that it forces me to ignore the phone ringing and the emails popping up and everything else I get distracted with.

    I say, "Okay, for the next 20 minutes (or however long you want to make it), I am focused only on this."

    I don't like the reminders like screeching violins, so I chose the "gentle" reminders. And I tried to make sure I had some scene in my head first... no time to stare at the page wondering!

    It's an interesting tool, anyway. Worth checking out! :)