Monday, September 8, 2008

Update on the Bon Bons and Talk Shows

Turns out, I don't have time for them at all!

The new schedule is working out like a dream! After dropping off my kids at the school, I hit the gym and then I come home and write/edit for about four hours. You think I'd be done with the book already, but in five days I've added over 4,000 words and edited almost half the manuscript.

Unlike my first novel, I don't feel like I am spinning my wheels on this rewrite. For one, I'm keeping the vast majority of the original and making mostly small, word-choice changes along with adding some supporting details. But no major changes. And even on this read through, when I usually am groaning over everything, I feel like this one is strong.

What surprised me? How fabulously fun this is!

But after reading JKB's blog about editing for an agent, I realize the hardest work is yet to come. It's easy to identify what I think is wrong and fix it. It's much harder to have someone else give suggestions and try to edit to satisfy them.

But one step at a time. Finish my rewrites. Send queries. Get agent.

Then the hard work begins.

Bring it on!


  1. HA! That's right! You can do it!

    For the record, I think your story is more "together" than mine was...and P would so be Bab's friend. ;)

    You are going to do this. Kudos to you for actually rewriting *beforehand* LOL

  2. It's nice having that block of time to write. Don't the hours fly by when you're immersed like that?

  3. Jen, I think P is really babs as a kid!

    Joanne, It flies by! It's amazing that four hours can go before I even notice. I've had to start setting my alarm so I don't miss picking the kids up!

  4. I've been scribbling notes in my workbook all week in between other tasks. I'm still adjusting, a week later, to all the silence in my house during the day. It's taken a week to figure out what to do with myself - mostly I've been getting distracted by the 400 things on the list and forgetting why I walked into a room!

    It's settling in. I'll remember how to do this!

  5. heidi- I've had the opposite problem! I've been so focused on this book that I am neglecting everything else! With the kids gone all day, it's easy to forget to clean dishes or fix lunch or get anything else done. I disappear into the computer and life around me goes away.

    I really need to be done with this so I can take a break for a day or two and catch up!