Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm getting Impatient!

Both Jennifer Blom and Nathan Bransford wrote posts about being impatient with the writing/publishing process today. It was as if they've crawled inside my tiny and too crowded head and were screaming warnings at me.

Patience is something I vowed to have with this book. I rushed the last one. Not the writing end. Heavens, that took two years of on-again-off-again writing. But the revision part, where I didn't let the book sit before I rewrote and then rewrote again and then, instead of listening to the small voice in my head that said, this needs a little distance and a better vision, I listened to the big voice that said, Let's get this thing going! And I sent out an awesome query that invited agents to read a book that wasn't quite good enough.

When I started this one, my mantra was, Not this time. I am getting it right, even when I want to steam ahead. I'm going to be patient and let this be the best it can be. And, up until now, I feel like I've done the process justice. Even though it's been much quicker, just 6 months start to finish, it's been thorough, and I've spent probably an average of 4-6 hours a day on it. Lots of research, lots of plotting and character development went into this before a single word went down on the page.

And I feel like I am at the end now. I feel like the first 230 pages are really strong. Edited, clean, direct, purposeful. It's been read by others, and every comment taken into consideration, the majority of them implemented. The last 80 pages I still have in front of me, and I am starting, just the last few days, to really want to rush it. I want to be done already, and start to query.

And when the itch is just so great I'm about to scratch.... Jen and Nathan. Gentle reminders. It's not about querying. It's about writing and hopefully publishing the very best book I can write. And that's not going to happen if I have a great 230 pages that end with a weak 80.

The closer I get to the end, the harder it is to focus.


  1. Ah, my dear, come and sit by me.


    You are doing the right thing. Keep that first and foremost in your noggin. And then finish those last 80 pages and query with a light heart. Shoot, that's what, for you...another week or so??

    You are doing this the right way. Trust me.

    Go You!

  2. Yep, you're doing it right.

    I sure as heck didn't rush my book. As much as I regret taking so long, I know all the attention to detail has made it a better book. I just wish I was better at prioritizing my time so I can be more efficient with it.

    But it's worth it to give it the time it needs.

  3. Jen... I think about you and I want to jump in fast. You were querying before you were done, and you got it! Of course, your book and your writing are that good, so it's no wonder. I feel like I need everything possible on my side or I'll sink fast!

    I'm starting to get panic attacks about this. And this last part is turning out to be really, really hard to revise. I'm adding, I'm changing some parts. It's not going to be the easy sailing the first two sections were.

    Sigh. Why is it the first writing is so fun and I love it, and by the time it gets to the end I am all tied up in knots???