Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Have Manic Depressive Revising Disorder

Yesterday it was all good.

Today it's not.

Ironically, it's the same story.


  1. You know you can take a day off if you need to, right?

  2. Hey Heidi, I'm with HeidiTH. I took a day off yesterday and will probably do it today too...but I needed it.

    The quality of your work will only improve if you're not stressing yourself to death to get DONE DONE DONE.

    Enjoy the process. Or at least that's what I'm learning.

  3. Agree with those two gals - take a day or so off and relax. Do something that has nothing to do with writing, revising, etc.

    Sometimes I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall, I step away for a bit and then when I come back, it is with renewed vigor.

  4. Ah, that disorder unique to writers! If it helps, we all get it. The best rx? Agree with the others, a little time off.