Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Change Is Not a Destination, and Hope Is Not a Strategy"

My new motto.

For politics.
For writing.
For life.

Not that these things, change and hope, are bad things. They are among the best things. But they are not a plan for the future.

In 4Corners writing group we have been talking a lot about dreams. In our most private, most wildest dreams, where do we want to see ourselves next year... ten years... twenty years from now? It has been a fabulous exercise. We've let ourselves let go of fears and see a huge, huge future ahead. There are houses, and bookstores, and world tours, and Oprah couch jumping.

But we all know dreams aren't enough. We aren't poking around and just hoping it will all happen. We are working our tails off, cramming writing into already impossibly full schedules, critiquing each other late at night, tweaking queries, researching, listing, agent-hunting, planning. We have the step-by-step journey from writing on our couches to jumping on Oprah's. And that journey is part of the dream.

Have you written out your wildest dreams? Are you dreaming big enough? And then, are you figuring out how to make them come true?


  1. I think so. But you know mine. ;)

    Visualization is key. Key.

    And working your tail off.

  2. Practicing the couch jumping technique.

    I can grin like Tommy C. I got the teeth!

    Seriously, everything in my life for the last year has been about LITTLE STEPS. With my writing and agent hunting, with my recovery from depression, with my horse training and working on my instructor's cert.

    All of these goals look impossible if you just look at the end result. It has to be broken down into steps. For me, the smaller the better.

    And Jen's right about visualization.

    Of course none of this happens without work.

    Oh my gosh we are all so frackin brilliant I can hardly stand it. But I'll try.

  3. I'll put you up on Youtube when the Oprah moment comes, HeidiTH. I'm waiting for it.

  4. I think visualization keeps you motivated to keep working your tail off!

    Loved your list of goals today. I have a list of editing issues and a vague sense of other things. I should make more lists. I love lists. I've been thinking about blogging my love of lists. Soon.

    And small steps. Very small steps. That's how I list things. We are really all so very much alike!


  5. I was looking at your post title, and thought it must be from last night's convention. Great message. Hoping won't get us published, it's hard work every step of the way (but work that we love!)