Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dancing In The Storm

This morning I will walk up this street and over this path:

And I will put my towel out, find my book, maybe dip my toes in the water here:

My youngest will dance in the waves...

My son will splash us all and look for the biggest waves...

We will make lemonade out of lemons, the way we did yesterday when Tropical Storm Fay came our way and we used the opportunity to fly kites...

And in general, I will just enjoy my family and the beach and the fun we have together:

And I will try not to miss writing, and editing, and the stress I left behind....

Because soon enough I will be back, and I'll wish I were here again.


  1. Jeez your kids are adorable! We miss you, but take your time having a LOVELY holiday! You need it!

  2. AW - great pics. Your kids are beautiful. You deserve your break!!

  3. When you go back there next year, can I come with you? I'll even watch my language around the kids. (Duct tape on the mouth is my strategy for that.)

  4. Oh yeah, Janet! You are totally invited! (Of course we are having a tropical storm here this weekend, so if you are just in need of kite flying weather, we got it!).

    Thanks for coming by the blog!