Monday, August 4, 2008

The 100th Post!

You'd think with the 100th post as it's title, I'd think of something great to write, some wonderful commentary on how much this blog has meant to me and how much of life has been contained within these fair blue/grey backgrounds, and how many friends I have made here (okay, that part is true).

You'd think I'd have great words of wisdom, some monumental philosophical post on blogging or life or even writing.

But no, I have none of these. I didn't even realize until I signed in the significance of this post. And all I can think of is: Wow! My great day just got better.

Because today was a great day, which is saying something since the only foray outside my little humble home was to the library to let my kids get more books. There were lots of mundane things, like cleaning the bathroom (such a shock!) and doling out folded laundry for the kids to stuff in their drawers. We baked cookies and I managed to get three different meals on the table and all the respective dishes cleaned. But in a few small hours, I managed to write. Well. I wrote well.

Tomorrow I may look back and say, "This is all crap." And maybe it is. But tonight, the words feel like gold.

I cried writing part of it. And every time I went back through it, I cried again. Everything is coming together. These characters, like the ones in my first book, are like real people to me, and the way they have changed over the course of the book is like watching your child grow up. Though 99% of the time I question everything I write, eye it critically, think I will never make it, tonight I look at it and think, "This stuff is pretty darn good."

And before I start to think otherwise, I am going to bed.

Happy 100th post, friends. I may end up being a writer after all.

Word count for today: 2,451

Word a thon: 71% completed. 11 more days to go.

The song I listened to most of the day?

Ocean Wide by the Afters:

If love is an ocean wide
We 'll swim in the tears we cry
They'll see us through to the other side
We're gonna make it

When love is a raging sea
You can hold on to me
We'll find a way tonight
Love is an ocean wide