Thursday, April 3, 2008

Too Many Choices

I realized today why I love shopping at Sam's.

Yes, I am a club shopper. Sue me. I have a family of five. If I had to buy toilet paper rolls by the four pack I'd be at the drug store every two days. And we'd be living on the curb if I had to buy fruit at supermarket prices. We can go through two pounds of strawberries and six apples in a sitting. A gallon of orange juice in two days. Four gallons of milk a week. You get the picture.

But I didn't know why I liked it so much until tonight, when I had to head out at ten o'clock to get eggs at the local supermarket close to the house for a cake for my daughter's birthday. Eggs. At Sam's I go to the fridge and grab the pack of eggs. There's the package of 32 white eggs or... well... that's it. I've forgotten there's more out there.

At the supermarket I'm standing in front of the fridge section staring at an impossible selection. There are half dozen, dozen, or eighteen. There are white and brown. There are medium, large and extra large (is this like the drink options in fast food, where we have just dropped the small option?). There are card savings and organic and natural.

Seriously, I stood there a good ten minutes staring, trying to do the math in my head to figure which is the best buy, trying to decide whether or not it matters which size I pick. Too many choices!!

I love Sam's because there is no choice. There are eggs. I've never even seen a broken one. No brown. No medium or extra large. I go down the aisle, open the door, grab the eggs and run. Same with flour and sugar and sour cream and milk and broccoli and chicken. You can get the fifty pound version of the only brand they carry or nothing. And I'm okay with that.

I realized tonight I have enough decisions in life without standing for ten minutes trying to figure out which eggs I should buy.

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