Thursday, April 24, 2008

A new day...a new blog...a new book

I'm over my rant from yesterday. I realize I might have come across a bit harsh, but I just can't stand authors bashing other authors. As if it isn't hard enough for all of us... even those who are well known. They, after all, have high expectations and a few targets on their chests. And how quickly readers turn from, "hey, this is the best book ever... she is the best author ever," to "wow, she's so over paid and overrated."

Well, I thought my rant was over.

Okay, now it's over.

New things:

Folio Literary Agency just launched it's new blog. Monday was their inaugural post, a good one about queries, which seems an apt place to start with a new blog, since that seems to be the things most new authors are interested in.

Folio is one of my favorite agencies, even though they didn't have a blog before. They were one of my top 3, and one of the three that requested a partial from me. They have a number of ace agents, any of which would be a great agent for those of you collecting names.

Agent Jeff Klein posted a query he recently received about a book told from the point of view of a dog, called The Art of Racing in the Rain. Janet Reid also wrote a post about it today, and it looks like the book is soon to be published. I am always excited to hear about successes like this. Even though this isn't Garth's first book, even though he had an agent prior to Jeff, even though he had plenty of credentials, I'm excited that this might be the book that really skyrockets him. I hope it is. I know I'll be in line to buy it.


  1. I read the rants! Now I feel bad, because in the original discussion I expressed my anger over a book I read as a child. Maybe I didn't "get it" but yeah, the book kinda made me mad... now I wish I hadn't gone so far with it. I added to the vitriol.

    I wonder if a lot of writers are working off of jealousy. I know that about four years ago I really felt it. I knew I'd always be feeling that way unless I got busy and actually did some more writing instead of whining. I've learned a lot over the last couple of years. One is, we writers gotta stick together. The other is, don't say anything on the internet that you don't want hanging around. Boy have I learned that lesson!

  2. I read your comments and laughed! You didn't like the book and you explained why, and I completely respect that. I have to bite my tongue sometimes with my kids, as I always want to point out the unrealistic side of what they are reading or watching. Sometimes it's hard to let them be kids and just learn their own things.

    The rant was really just pent up anger over the last month or two of reading other blogs and writers slamming other writers. Instead of just saying, "I didn't like it" or "It's not my thing," even backed with really good support, they make a personal attack on the writer or worse, on the people who read books by that author. Nathan's blog just made me actually write what I'd been thinking about writing for the past month or two.

    There is one particular blogger who makes a point of always talking about all the books she can't finish because they are so awfully written. For some reason this really gets under my skin. Just because she doesn't like it doesn't mean there is no redeeming quality about it, or that it doesn't touch someone else. I'm not sure if it is arrogance or jealousy, or maybe a bit of both.

    Jealousy is so natural. In such a competitive field, especially, it can feel like we are against each other. After all, agents only take on so many new clients and publishers will only publish a certain number, and there are a finite number of readers who read a finite number of books. I do get that. And I do, occasionally, think, "What's he got that I don't?" And then I remind myself: an agent and a published book. And if I want to be there, I have to work a little harder.

    The rant was in no way aimed at you, or many of the people who replied to Nathan's post. It's okay if books make you mad, too. I think really good books will make you feel something, and sometimes that is anger. It's when it becomes unacceptable for other people to like it, to get something out of it that maybe we don't...

    I could go on and on. But I'm not mad at you.

    I promise! :)

  3. Whew!

    To be honest, I can't tell you how many times I post something and wonder if it'll haunt me.

    But Nathan's blog this week has been fascinating. He really is a good hearted person and I think he's raising the bar on fair behaviour.

    I know for a fact that the book I wrote won't be "gotten" by everybody. Like my mom, for example. She won't get it or like it. That's okay! But I'd hope that if someone didn't like it, they'd dislike it passionately, and then be able to explain why without trashing, or telling everybody else that they should not ever read it.

    There just seems to be a lot of slamming criticisms that do nothing but create more nastiness. Oh boy, I hope some of us can turn it around! Anyways, good rant. But now I really have to go to sleep! Must tear myself away!

  4. Amen!

    I think it's great, and brave, that you wrote the book that needed to be written despite knowing your mom won't like it. That's utter honesty, and the book is no doubt better for it.

  5. yeah... strange ))