Friday, April 25, 2008

From the Blogosphere

I actually wrote this early in the week, and blogger made it disappear. This info is probably old news now, but just in case anyone hasn't discovered them, I thought I'd go ahead and try to repost it.

Cool new blogs (or old ones I've just discovered)

Agent Janet Reid dissects your query letter at
Ms. Reid is direct, specific and spot-on in her assessments in what could be the most helpful website on getting the query thing right. If you are brave enough, you can submit yours to her for an "insider's" evaluation.

Folio Literary Management now has their own blog, Folio Lit is one of my top 3 agencies, and every one of their agents is amazing. One would do well with any of them. I'm sure their blog will be a treasure trove of insights.

I've mentioned her before, but Elizabeth Jote deserves her own shout-out here. She's blogging at, in what she describes as "random thoughts and loveliness from inside the publishing beast." What I like about her blog is that she makes me think, and sometimes reevaluate the writing process. That, and she makes me laugh sometimes too.

Rachelle Gardner, an agent at WordServe Literary, is blogging at Her blog isn't new, but I'm new to it, and I've found lots of very helpful advice, doled out very politely. She is unique, too, touching topics I haven't seen in other agent blogs.

Moonrat is self-described as a "recovering editorial assistant" on her blog, She's just plain good, and funny. Check it out.

Later: author blogs I just like


  1. Thanks- I'll have to link some of those!

    Folio has a great agent, who I'd love to send something to, but isn't taking queries right now. But it looks like it'll be a great blog!

  2. One of the first three I submitted was to an agent there, who requested a partial then gave a very nice, personal rejection. I'd consider revising and requerying another agent there, since I have several I think highly of, but I'm letting the book rest a while. Maybe when I'm done with the second one.

    I love blogs... they seem to be endless. It's beginning to eat up my writing time, though, so I'm going to have to cut back a bit. Gulp!

    Now, off to write what really matters!