Friday, March 7, 2008

Things I've Learned Today

1. With the possible exception of those who live in Hawaii (where it is 75 everyday and rains at promptly 2 pm), a weatherman is not to be believed. Even if he is handsome and has ten degrees behind his name. Even if he sounds absolutely positive about his prediction, do not, do not believe him!

2. You can actually make money on TV by saying, "According to one computer model, it's going to rain tomorrow. We have a second model though that indicates it might snow, and a third that says the storm will bypass us and it will be sunny." Really? Really?? I could have said this, and I haven't even taken a meteorology class!

3. Even if it is sunny, if your kids' school is more than a quarter mile from the parking lot, make sure they have umbrellas that fit in their backpacks and stay there all the time.

4. A car trunk is a terrible place to keep you umbrella.

5. Someone could make a mint off inventing waterproof hairspray.

6. If the weatherman is saying today will be sunny and it is clearly pouring outside, you might want to call the news station and request they put a window in the meteorology offices.

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