Monday, March 10, 2008

The Babcocks Moved In

The Babcocks have officially moved in, lock, stock and barrel. Overbearing, religious, controlling Babs who smokes exactly one cigarette a day, in secret. Uninvolved, apathetic Arnold who loves his lazy chair. 17 year old Logan with his pink and blue mohawk and serpent tattoo and rebellious attitude. Sweet, responsible Ashley; 12 years old and recently diagnosed.

They have moved in to my head with their friends Dale and Janise (rhymes with Denise)Rubens and Colleen and Kyle McEntyre, their Pastor Joel, and the entire Hospitality Committee at Tyler First Baptist, their family doctor and the endocrinologist from hell, and a lawyer from heaven.

Their lives are rattling around in my brain, with all their fallibilities and opportunities, the devastating news they face and the unexpected battle against the friends they trust the most.

Today their lives changed forever, and I couldn't be more excited to be a part of it.

Goodbye, Blackbeard and the middle grade book I wanted to write. Hello to the book that wants to be written.

(TH: the postpartum depression is over)


  1. Well hellooooo Jan-eeese!

    This sounds delicious!

    (Let the pirate book simmer... I do live me a pirate. But I'm really looking forward to Babs and her one cig per day and her, um, unique family.)

    Let er rip!

  2. I do love the pirates... they'll simmer a while, but what a relief this is! I am so, so excited for this!

    They are certainly an eclectic group... not that I made them that way, but that they just are that way... you know what I mean. Real writers know, I think. We don't make this stuff up!

    Thank you for your advice and your encouragement and your friendship, and these whoops of delight for me.

    Here we go...