Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Friday; It's a Good Thing

Many years ago, before the incarceration and tax scandals, before the monster empires and TV shows, Martha Stewart was the man. You know, not a man, but the man. The one who trumps all. And I don't mean Trump, because that little business venture didn't go over too well. I mean, she was the queen of homemaking. And every woman I knew wanted to be as good as her.

As spring is ripening I am reminded of a spring those many years ago when a fellow teacher, an older, wiser, longer married and very-well-put-together teacher proclaimed to me, "You're just a little Martha Stewart, aren't you?" (My organizational skills at that point were second to none in the classroom, I'd baked and decorated a cake for the entire staff with a feathery-looking stork in a top hat carrying a baby bundle on it in honor of a fellow teacher going out on maternity leave, and spent two weeks in the home-ec room sewing an advent calendar for my sister. Sickening, I know.) It was one of those comments I filed away as one of the best compliments ever.

So in honor of that and Martha's way overused phrase, Fridays are now my time to reflect on what in my life is a good thing.

Here we go.

1. I put my bathroom scale in my linen closet under all my towels two weeks ago and haven't weighed myself since. Scales in a closet are a good thing!

2. I woke up with a mild migraine, foolishly ignored it and went walking anyway, and came home with a raging migraine. I took raging migraine amounts of Motrin and now I am almost fully functional again. Motrin is a good thing!

3. Every morning I make myself coffee, a third of which is skim milk, along with a tablespoon of sugar-free chocolate syrup. It's warm, it's caffeinated, it's low fat and low carb, contains calcium, and fills me up until lunch. Cafe mocha's, made my way, are a good thing!

4. Today I put on a pair of capris from last summer and they fit! This is a good thing!

5. Our daffodils are up. I'm not a huge fan of the daffodil. It's not the prettiest flower. The colors are kinda blah, and the yellow is almost impossible to photograph well, and when you cut them they ooze sticky, gooey sappy stuff. BUT: they come out before anything else dares to bloom, braving the real possibility of snow and ice (I've seen many die an early death), to give me hope that summer is around the corner. Even though the woods around are bare, the ground brown and soggy, those sunny flowers are up. Daffodils are a good thing! Happy spring, and happy Friday!

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