Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

Today it is wicked windy out.
The kind of can't-breathe-if -you're- facing-the-wrong-way kind of wind. The get-out-of-the-van-every-twenty-feet- to-move-huge-downed- tree-limbs-off-the- driveway windy. But does the weather forecast call for a wind advisory? No. In all total professional sounding seriousness, they announced a "comb-over advisory."
I love our weather guys!

After riding the Rock-n-Roller coaster at DisneyWorld last year, my nine year old is obsessed with Aerosmith (have no idea where he got his obsessive genes). Where we used to listen to kid CDs (I still have a four year old; I am trying to salvage some amount of childhood for her), we now listen to Aerosmith. When we pull up in our minivan at the curb of their elementary school and open the door, we are usually blasting "Love In An Elevator" or "Dude Looks Like a Lady" or "Walk This Way." Loudly. And we get some disapproving looks from the parents and teachers standing around us. And if someone asks my four year old her favorite song, she says "Johnny's Got A Gun." (She cannot be convinced it's Janie, because in her mind, no girl would have a gun.)
Am I a bad mom for this?

Zicam RULES!
I am not one to tout drugs of any kind, even over the counter ones that contain no addictive qualities. Usually I am not convinced any of them are any more than sugar pills that work only if you close your eyes and recite, "I believe. I believe." But Zicam is the world's best drug (next to Motrin, but that's a whole other post!).

One of my daughters woke up with a cold yesterday. A yucky one. I gave her Zicam last night and this morning half her symptoms were gone. After two more doses today, she is practically cold-free.

Of course, a kid can't get sick without me catching it too, so I woke up feeling as badly as she sounds, and so I snorted the wonder drug as well, and Wa-La! In four beautiful hours I am also back to normal!

My caveat: I've done this before and it always works this fast, except I am quick to think I'm all better and stop prematurely. Then the cold returns with a vengence (like all five days of phlegm rolled into one monster attack) and two days later I'm sitting in the doctor's office getting antibiotics. So this time, I'm in it for the long haul. Five full days of the stuff, relishing the miracle that is Zinc, and pushing it on my daughter as well.

A rock and roller and a drug pusher! How great am I?

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