Friday, December 4, 2009

It's Friday; It's a Good Thing

What's a good thing?  This.

The Christmas decorations are finally up. The pooch is happily curled on the floor sleeping.  Little by little, things are getting done. I'm learning to stop looking at all the things I need to do and only look at one at a time and get that done. I'm less panicky that way.

Kristi over at R.A.W. has done an interview with me (my first author interview!!), so head over there on Monday to read it. Or heck, head over there now just to read her blog!  :)

Well, it's Friday and it's supposed to snow tomorrow for the first time this season. My plans for this weekend are a roaring fire in the pellet stove, twinkling Christmas lights, writing cards, and a Christmas concert.

Oh, and this little guy warming my lap.  Happy Friday!


  1. One of my dreams is to have a fireplace. It's hardly Christmas without it.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Heidi. I love your tree, and the whole arrangement looks so cozy and inviting.

    Love the pooch, he is too cute. Absolutely irresistable.

  3. Snow has already hit and things are getting canceled left and right, but we still have a birthday party to go to.

    Love your tree and cute pouch. Is launch day soon?

  4. Charlie - I feel the same way. We light it up even if I have to turn on the air conditioner to use it. :)

    Kristi - back at ya! Your blog is one big shout out for me!

    Patti - I'm jealous of your snow, but come March probably not so much! The book should be up for presale Monday - I'm not sure what the official launch is. It's not that specific with this publisher. It's however fast the printer can get it done. :(

  5. Your Christmas stuff looks great, but your puppy's the best! :)

  6. When I first saw the photo, I thought it was from a classic Christmas card. So lovely.
    And your dog is too cute!

  7. Your puppy is making me weak! he's gorgeous!

    Your room looks so cozy and inviting. I'm looking forwards to some of that. Right now, our house is more like a job site, although it is really shaping up nice. And the farmhouse is... CROWDED. We have a lot of boxes to find room for before Mom gets out the Christmas tree. But we'll get it together.

    Now you'll have to explain what pre-sale means. It can be bought before it's printed????

  8. This is definitely the most wonderful time of the year. And I'm sooo jealous of you with your puppy. ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Home

  9. Christmas trees and puppies. I think I just had my moment of zen over here.

  10. Yes, the puppy is adorable. Sigh. I'm thinking of getting him his own twitter account. No doubt he'd be better at it than me.

    Oh! And it snowed all day Saturday. Talk about idyllic! A fire, Christmas lights, and puppies. Zen indeed! (well, it would be if I weren't so stuffed up with snot...)