Sunday, December 6, 2009

Give Away Over at Kim's Place!!

You know what I love about debut authors?  They're excited! And they give really cool things away... like their books (among other very cool stuff)!  And I feel so lucky to "know" so many really great authors with amazing books here in the blogosphere.

One of those amazing authors is Kimberly Derting, who is only 100 days away from her book, The Body Finder,  landing on a bookstore shelf near you. How cool is that??  But you know what?  She's celebrating by giving away one of the ARCs, along with some other really cool stuff! 

Head over to her blog post and enter!  Quick! Because it looks like the comment section is filling up!


  1. Ohm thanks for the heads up. I'll pop over.

  2. Great title, I will check it out!

    Happy rest of the weekend, too!

  3. However I'll probably visit this place again for their Sze Cha, which has been recommended by our friends and by the media and TV marketing, Thank to them too...