Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Thing Friday: Everything's Amazing

It's been a difficult week for me. It shouldn't have been, and yet it was. And I found myself doing the thing that most annoys me...I whined. Not necessarily in that high, sing-songy whiny way that kids do, but whining nonetheless. Complaining. Ranting, even. I promise, it wasn't pretty. Good thing I'm home alone most of the day.

I'm not one for popping youtubes up on the blog very often, but every now and then I find one that just fits. This one was making the rounds on facebook a while ago, and I'm sure most of you have probably seen it. Still, it's a good one to be reminded of again. When I tempted to yell at appliances and stomp my foot at electronics and snap at my kids for I remind myself, Everything's amazing. Why am I not happy?

So for my good thing this week, I'm putting up this oh-so-funny reminder that life is really pretty good. Even the things I think that aren't.


  1. WHO IS THAT MAN??? He is a genius. Is he possibly the wisest man ever? And what rock do I live under that I haven't seen this yet?

    I know- I was out on the farm, in a room with only one electrical plug in (which just got installed in 2009) talking on a rotary phone then pulling on a chain in the middle of the room to turn off the light. Seriously!!

    But dude, get this. I reached up and pulled a chain. AND THE ROOM INSTANTLY DARKENED. I know. It's amazing.

    My eyes have been opened.


  2. That was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time and I needed that laugh after a hard week of dental pain, wrecked knee, and sinus pressure.


  3. LOL!!!!

    What a great vid!

    And you didn't whine. Goober.


  4. That clip is hilarious! We had a difficult week over here too. It was one of those things that happen that remind you how short life is and make you stop and hug your kids. Here's to appreciating the little things!

  5. Ah, the power of a well placed youtube video! I'm glad it was as timely for some of you as it was for me.

    Well, not glad that you had a bad week, but glad to provide a laugh when you needed it. :)

    Heidi - I think he is a genius, too! Sometimes when I complain about laundry, I think back to an article I read once about how people in the city at the turn of the century had to wash clothes. It took from 4am to midnight to clean just a few clothes. The women had to haul water by the bucketful down the sidewalk and up flights of stairs...over and over to fill up their sinks. Then do that over again to rinse. Then over again for the next dress or shirt, etc.

    Now I pat my washer as I walk by and whisper, "You're amazing." :)

  6. Funny and so true (I grew up with rotary phones)!

    Yes, life is amazing and we're usually too busy to appreciate it. I also think advertisers work so hard to convince us we need more, more, more, that we forget to be thankful for the abundance we already have.

    Thanks for the post, Heidi.

  7. That's hilarious. He is so right. We are spoiled rotten by our technology, and the more high-tech we get, the more impatient we are.